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  2. alighoush
    3D Artist & Graphic Designer
  3. mohamed abd elhady
    mohamed abd elhady
    Architect, Visualizer
  4. diennuochongvu
    diennuochongvu wcl1993

    Đ/c: 163/7 đường HT35 , P.Hiệp Thành , Q. 12, TP.HCM
    Hotline: 0907 115 796 - 0907 327 115
    Web: canhoangphat.com
    Email: canhoangphat09@gmail.com
    Bạn đang tìm kiếm đơn vị chuyên cung cấp các loại http://www.canhoangphat.com hãy tìn đến Hoàng Phát.
  5. ChristianHehe
    ChristianHehe unreal4
    hey bro are you still active?
  6. cgfile
    this paypal@cgartist.club
  7. cgfile
    交易号 7940467840142260C
  8. nidhinsaru
  9. nidhinsaru
  10. teo's
    MY SOFTWARE AutoCAD 2019 & 2018 for mac + ArchiCAD 22 (❖+) + Rhinoceros 5 (❖+) + Photoshop CC 2018 (❖+)
  11. XerusKun
    Newbie, still learning.
  12. ChristianHehe
    ChristianHehe unreal4
    please re-upload everything in your website mainly the Shinto shrine and splatter decals! I'm sharing your websites and they think it's a troll cause every file is deleted
  13. kodo2010
    kodo2010 unreal4
    plz keep up the good work
    and update your site links
    1. unreal4 likes this.
  14. CeeBee
    CeeBee unreal4
    چرا تمام لینک های شما نامعتبر است و یا در وب سایت شما حذف شده اند؟ o.O
    شما دارایی خوبی دارید که می توانم از آن استفاده کنم یا آن را دنبال کرده ام

    why are all your links invalid or deleted on your website? o.O
    You have alot of good assets i could use / have been looking for
    1. unreal4
      به دلیل اینکه مدت زیادی فایل ها دانلود نشده اند از روی آپلود سنتر حذف شدند
      به زودی تمام پک ها مجددا روی سایت آپلود خواهد شد ....

      Many of the old packs have not been downloaded so much time and their files have been removed from the upload center
      but , all download links on this site will be update soon as possible ....
      Jul 6, 2018
      CeeBee likes this.
    2. Mhdkhaleghi
      Jul 10, 2018
  15. capitano210
    capitano210 esskay
    some news about spine? cant find it. please help
  16. ozymandiaz
    trying to be great
  17. valerahan
  18. micro_zheng
    day day study
  19. KARGAR
    Waiting for ArchiCAD 22, I'm sure some one will surprise me with the torrent soon.
  20. rish
    rish esskay
    yes i need it too to learn. free version cant save files :(