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Ambient Design ArtRage 5 v5.0.4

Discussion in '2D' started by unImportand, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. unImportand

    unImportand Active Member

    Apr 20, 2017
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    ArtRage is a fun and easy to use painting tool that lets you play with realistic paints on your computer. You can paint with oils and watercolors, sketch with pencils, spray stickers over your canvas, and much more. Stencils and rulers let you create precise shapes or smooth curves freehand. Tracing and Reference images let you load photos to recreate either by eye or by letting ArtRage select colors for you as you paint. For professional users, ArtRage offers Layers and Layer Groups, Layer Blend Modes compatible with the PSD file format, plugin Filter suport and more.

    Best of all, ArtRage doesn't force you to learn complex tool settings, it lets you get right down to painting with tools you already know how to use.

    ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro give you 20 painting and utility tools, an easy to use interface that gets out of the way as you work, and powerful utilities such as stickers, stencils, and tracing images. Both versions contain the same toolset, including the new Watercolor brush and Sticker Spray.

    ArtRage Studio: Ideal for artists who want to work with the wider range of tools Studio and Studio Pro offer but do not want the filtering and detailed editing options Studio Pro provides.

    • All of the tools from ArtRage 2, many with new features.
    • New tools including Watercolor, Gloop Pen, Sticker Spray, Text, and an auto-smoothing inking pen.
    • Unlimited Layers and Layer Groups, including Layer Blend Modes.
    • Peel-of stickers, place premade objects on your canvas.
    • Improved interface that makes it easy to get right down to painting.
    • Customizable keyboard shortcuts and other utilities.
    • And much more

    ArtRage Studio Pro: Ideal for artists who want to be able to manipulate their images without leaving ArtRage, or work with stickers that can be edited after spraying. ArtRage Studio Pro contains all of the features of ArtRage Studio and also includes:
    • Additional tool features such as wet blenders and feathered selection.
    • Inbuilt Color Adjustment and Blur, with support for Photoshop Filters.
    • Unfixed post-editable sticker spray, and custom sticker sheet creation.
    • Real Color Blending.
    • Tint/Tone color pickers and quick acess popup color pickers.
    • And much more

    Compatible Filters. Because filters were not written specifically for ArtRage only some of them are compatible. ArtRage supports .8bf format filters only, other types of plugin will not work. A list of incompatible filters is maintained by the application so if your filter does not appear it may already have been determined to cause problems when running in ArtRage. Ambient Design cannot provide support for any third party plugin used in ArtRage or guarantee that it will operate correctly.

    There are two ways to add Filters to ArtRage. The first is to install them to the ArtRage Filters Folder, and the second is to tell the application to look in an existing filters folder for another application. You must restart ArtRage after installing Filters for it to detect them.

    Filters and Layers. Because they were not designed to work with ArtRage, Photoshop Filters do not recognize the additional information ArtRage stores with its layers such as the volume of paint on the Canvas and how wet it is. This means that when you apply a filter to a layer in ArtRage the layer is converted in to a flat image and while you can still work on it with the painting tools it will not smear as easily as before. If you use a filter on a Sticker or Text layer you will be prompted to flatten the layer to an image first so that it can be edited.

    Tutorials >>

    What's new in ArtRage 5? >>

    New in ArtRage 4.5:
    • 64-Bit Support. 4.5 comes in 32 and 64 bit flavors for Windows and Mac OS X. Both versions are available from a single license so you don’t need to worry about getting the wrong one.
    • Faster Painting. 64 bit processor support makes ArtRage 4.5 faster than earlier versions when you’re painting on standard canvases. The extra speed lets it manage larger projects too.
    • Larger Canvases. 64 bit lets ArtRage take advantage of more memory on your system so you can paint on larger canvases if you’re aiming for print resolution.
    • Canvas Grids. Grid overlays provide structural guides laid out on the canvas and reference images for when you want a guide to proportions or to be a bit more precise with your layout.
    . Live Pencil Tilt. The Pencil now supports tilt while you draw with compatible styluses. Switch between precise tip sketching and broad edge shading without needing to change tool settings.
    • Interface Updates. We’ve added manual reordering of swatches and toolbox items, a resizeable swatch drawer on the Pinboard, touch pad gestures on OS X, a font picker, and more!

    What's new in v5.0.4:
    - Adjusted transform operations in scripts to correct problems with transformed content offset on playback.
    - Cancelling layer texture edits no longer produces an erroneous 'handled' error popup.
    - Adjusted menu bar layout to reduce instances of overlapped items.
    - Made some changes to PSD text layer import to fix problems after changes to the internal text format of the file type.
    - Adjusted fill to correct some opacity issues and improve speed.
    - Guides are now placed correctly when playing back a script at greater than 100% size.
    - Fixed a bug that prevented Recent Files after the 10th one in the list from working.
    - Adjusted tap and hold right click helpers to allow functionality in the grips of the corner roundels in Classic mode.
    - Adjusted positioning for corner panels so that they remember their last dropped location when torn off a second time.
    - Corrected some English strings in the French localisation.

    System Requirements:
    - Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8 (requires Desktop mode for Win 8)
    - 1GHz processor
    - 1024x768 screen size
    - 512MB Memory
    - 92MB disk free

    Program Name: ArtRage 5 v5.0.4
    Program Type: Digital Painting
    Developer: Ambient Design Ltd.
    Release Date: 11.07.2017
    Interface Language: Multilingual
    Platform: Windows Vista/7/8
    File Size: 119.38Mb

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