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Digital-Tutors - Introduction to RenderMan RIS in Houdini

Discussion in 'Houdini Tutor' started by VIPGFX, Jan 13, 2016.



    Jul 25, 2011
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    In this course we will explore Renderman RIS in Houdini 15. Studios have been using Renderman for years and with recent integration improvements in Houdini 15 and Renderman 20 you too can leverage this fast and easy to use workflow for lighting, shading, and rendering your next project.
    We start by talking about the Renderman for Houdini implementation and setting up a basic scene. We’ll learn how to access the tools and to create our first simple render. Then we’ll dive deeper into the new RIS rendering mode where we will develop our own procedural materials. We’ll also learn the basics of working with lights and rendering integrators.
    Don’t worry if you have never used Renderman before, this series of lessons was developed for an artist who is brand new to rendering with Renderman, but who also holds a solid understanding of basic 3d concepts and a general understanding of Houdini’s interface. If you need to get up to speed on these basic concepts, start by checking out the newest Introduction to Houdini course in our library.

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