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Dreamlight 3D Iray Super HDRI

Discussion in '2D' started by haze, Nov 13, 2017 at 1:30 AM.

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    Jan 16, 2015
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    Home Page: http://www.dreamlight3dart.com/superhdri/

    Normal outdoor HDRI maps doesn’t provide sufficient character lighting. This forces artists to add additional lights, which adds design as well as rendering time. Often, normal HDRI maps also have unflattering sun light angles and very darks shadows, while offering little or none customization options.

    Dreamlight’s Super HDRI incorporates carefully designed light effects: Key Light, Fill Light, Bounce Light, Background Light, Back Light and Overall Light–creating beautiful, rich and vivid renders making your female characters looking absolutely striking.


    10 Super HDRI Backgrounds for outdoor renders
    Works indoors too (instructions included)
    8000 x 4000 pixel HDRI map size
    12 Iray Render Presets for fast loading
    Optimized for female outdoor renders
    Opimized To Bring Out Maximum Female Beauty
    Optional Advanced Settings
    45 min Video Tutorial Included, 1280 x 720 WMV HD quality

    Ready To Render "Out Of The Box"
    Super Quick Rendering
    No Postwork Needed
    Optional postwork instructions, with basic enhancements as well as advanced layering for spectacular light effects and control
    Installing & loading instructions included
    Created using Lightwave 3D and fine-tuned 40+ hours into perfection

    NOTE: Requires DAZ Studio 4.9, female models and props not included

    Fast Download | 558MB
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