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No more uploads.

Discussion in 'GFX Domain HOME !' started by angelofmercy, Nov 10, 2018 at 3:22 PM.

  1. angelofmercy

    angelofmercy Well-Known Member

    Jun 7, 2017
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    Hi. As this site is clearly run by just a bot and nothing but I shall only be providing cracks. You will have to download the software manually like the good old days.

    This way attention is taken away from myself. As lately I am getting odd comments and blocked links due to copyright. So forgive me if I have little trust.

    I am no expert. If I can find a weakness in a trial and make it last permantly whilst working fully I will. I only started doing this for fun. The fun factor is slowly going as this site seems to be just a bot hell bent in shoving me out the picture. So as stated I am only willing to provide the cracks from now on.

    I will no longer be replying to comments or messages. If you dislike my work then find another version you do like or better yet learn to crack it yourself!
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  2. Andy47

    Andy47 Well-Known Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    Feb 24, 2012
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    Not sure I understand what "run by a bot" means. I have noticed you seem to dislike that when you post something, it vanishes from the most recent posts list, so you bump your own thread, to push it back up there and your thinking is that VIPGFX is stealing the limelight from everyone else, yet their posts vanish just as quickly from the recent posts list.

    I just don't understand why you seem to be so upset about how this site works. Sure, making a name for yourself, supplying stuff for others, as you seem to be doing, is not always a good thing and of course, link that people supply here are going to get deleted for breach of copyright etc,. which is why so many prefer to use torrents.

    I am sure those that have used the stuff you have supplied are grateful for what you are doing and it is nice that someone else has decided to give it a go. But I feel you are perhaps trying too hard to impress and feeling perhaps a bit paranoid, that this whole site is controlled by faceless, nameless bots.

    I will agree, that this site and a few others like it, are not the buzzing places they were a few years ago and many of them have faded into the dark, taking with them many of the names we used to see almost daily.. sadly that is the way of places like this.. Not because they are controlled by a bot, but because things move on, people move on. Occasionally those people that have moved on, get replaced, sometimes they do not. Even rarer, are new sites coming along, with a fresh look on things.

    I was only 19-20 years old, when I first got involved with sites like this. Back then nobody cared what we did, nobody was watching us, people were happily sharing anything and everything, straight off their own computers, through FTP or even email. But as those supplying the goods and those cracking the same got better, the world out there got tougher, both sides had arguments for what they were doing and why they should be allowed to continue. Saying piracy, was only wrong if it really took profit away from the companies producing the stuff, since those using sites such as this, would never have paid for the products in the first place, they were not losing out. Other argued that it was introducing thousands of people to products, that they would otherwise, never have even heard of or considered, who later on, when they have learned all they can and start to make a living from using those products, end up buying them, so piracy was doing businesses a favour.

    Both sides made valid points, however neither side was absolutely right or absolutely wrong.

    All I know is it gets harder every single day to find stuff you really want, unless you go out and pay for it and the content that is coming along, is perhaps not as plentiful or even as exciting as it once was.

    I agree, there are many out there, who rather than constantly bitch that others are not sharing with them, could get off their lazy asses and learn how to do it for themselves. I myself, have never bitched at anyone for not sharing or for not giving me what I am looking for. If I want something, I either find it or if it's so very important, I will save up and buy it.

    I will be totally honest with you though, I find it amazing, that what few sites there are left are still going. I know that sounds strange coming from a moderator, but even 5-10 years ago, it was rare for sites to last so long, without the admin or those involved in starting it up, getting old, getting married and having other priorities or just getting bored.

    So while I may not have had much use for some of the things you have shared recently, I will say your efforts are appreciated. Perhaps you should ask what it is people really want and throw your efforts into supplying the same. Perhaps dive into the request section and see if you can help out with some of that stuff. Yes supplying stuff is great, the more the merrier, but if you are supplying stuff, because you found a way around it's security, but not necessarily thought if anyone here, actually wants it, then despite your efforts, that would basically be like beating a dead horse. I know you want to help, I know you have the very best intentions and you are doing a great job, but if the audience is looking for one thing and you are supplying another, all your work and effort is just wasted.

    So don't get yourself all worked up about it, it's only software. There is so much more to life that this and it's not like you are ever going to get rich from it, is it. Take it easy and enjoy the rest of the weekend.
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  3. candy

    candy Member

    May 14, 2013
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    Well put Andy47. If a contributor becomes petulant, acting with all the aplomb of a 17 years old rather than an expressed 40+ years mature person, then we all miss out on the knowledge and valued input that can be achieved and that contributor he may feel robbed of his rightful place in the community in which he wishes to be acknowledged as a supremo. If he should step back and enjoy where he is in life and further his knowledge and achieve valued personal gains then he will be successful in his aspirations
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