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PhoenixFD Advanced 3.00.02 for 3ds Max

Discussion in 'CGI News' started by roocoon, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    More clouds to make the water that puts out the fire.
    The details here: https://www.chaosgroup.com/phoenix-fd/3ds-max

    Updates since 3.00.01:
    Build 3.00.02 (patch) (January 10 2017)

    New features:
    (*) PhoenixFD: Added menu for submission of simulations via Thinkbox Deadline and Backburner
    (*) PhoenixFD: Add script functions that execute the Quick Setup creation routines
    (*) Simulation: Liquid resimulation with adaptive grid
    (*) Simulation: Birth confine geometry for Foam, Splash and Mist
    (*) I/O: Export simulations to OpenVDB

    Modified features:
    (*) Simulation: Option to select which channels and particle systems will be deleted using Clear Inside
    (*) Simulation: Cascade simulation of Liquids now mutually excludes both simulators from interacting
    (*) Simulation: Added warnings when the velocity channels for grid and particles are missing in a Cascade simulation
    (*) Simulation: Show warning when more than one sources share same object as emitter
    (*) Rendering: Support V-Ray's per-object motion blur duration override
    (*) Rendering: Support for motion blur Interval Center for Volumetrics
    (*) Rendering: Improved curve and gradient control interaction
    (*) Rendering: Ability to use Displacement Fade Near Geom in Mesh render mode
    (*) Rendering: Abort rendering with Defscanline when a fire/smoke or particle pre-process is cancelled
    (*) Turbulence: Added a list with grid and particle channels to be affected

    Deprecated features:
    (*) PhoenixFD: Sample scenes are no longer shipped with the installation, and are instead available on the docs site

    Bug fixes:
    (*) PhoenixFD: Animated Quick Setups behave wrongly when the Default Key Tangents are set to Smooth
    (*) PhoenixFD: Wrong simulation when Gasoline explosion preset is applied after Candle preset, on the same object
    (*) PhoenixFD: Too high wave velocity for the Ocean Quick Setup preset
    (*) PhoenixFD: Sources using VRayHDRI maps will not emit until the map is rendered or viewed in the Material Editor
    (*) PhoenixFD: Slow creating and deleting of many lights from the scene in the presence of a Phoenix simulator
    (*) PhoenixFD: Exporting a VRScene with Simulator or Particle Shader calculates light and particle pre-passes
    (*) PhoenixFD: Stop throwing a warning when simulating liquids with an unrelated fire source present in the scene and fire with unrelated liquid source
    (*) Simulation: Crash when simulating more than 178 million liquid particles
    (*) Simulation: Liquid disappears when it hits a jammed wall
    (*) Simulation: Liquid passes through static thin geometry and foam and splash can be born through such walls
    (*) Simulation: Bubbles stick to simulator's positive walls with the Beer Quick Setup preset
    (*) Simulation: Allowed the wetmap to stick to the simulator's jammed walls
    (*) Simulation: Wetmap does not fully cover geometries which are rotated and non-uniformly scaled
    (*) Simulation: Initial Fillup ignores the per-object wetting and always creates wetmap over objects
    (*) Simulation: Initial Fillup without gravity still creates velocities in a liquid grid
    (*) Simulation: Excessive Foam production on the simulator borders with Initial Fillup
    (*) Simulation: Wave Force artifacts when interacting with open walls of the simulator
    (*) Simulation: Asymmetric reflection of Liquids from positive and negative jammed walls
    (*) Simulation: Clear Inside does not work with Resimulation of Fire/Smoke
    (*) Simulation: Starting resimulation from a frame when the grid has already adapted causes wrong grid position
    (*) Simulation: Changing Space in Discharge Modifier while simulating crashes 3ds Max
    (*) Simulation: Crash when simulating with 3ds Max Wind and using PFlow
    (*) Simulation: Very slow simulation with many scene objects outside the simulator's box
    (*) Simulation: Extremely slow texture sampling of a source using maps that are in use by PFlow as well
    (*) Simulation: Mapped RGB channel is not working with Volume emit modes of sources
    (*) Simulation: Surface Force sources ignore the Polygon ID
    (*) Simulation: FLIP Liquid sources don't support mapping of the Liquid and Particle discharge
    (*) Simulation: Body force pulls the fluid to one side when using edged geometry
    (*) Simulation: Initial Liquid Fill of intersecting geometry in Non-Solid mode will produce artifacts
    (*) Simulation: Changing steps per frame during Liquid simulation leads to a crash
    (*) Rendering: Bubble highlight jitters in animation when using dome light or opposing point or area lights
    (*) Rendering: Missing illumination on bubbles in Volumetric Mode with BF+LC and V-Ray Adaptive Lights
    (*) Rendering: Crash when the Particle Shader's Count Multiplier is very high
    (*) Rendering: Ocean displacement scaling takes extremely long to render when it wasn't updated in the material editor
    (*) Rendering: Ocean Rendering hangs at low altitude when the container is far away
    (*) Rendering: Crash using particle-based Mesh smoothing on a mesh with zero-area triangles
    (*) Rendering: Emissive lights are calculated in V-Ray RT even when the Fire channel does not exist
    (*) Rendering: V-Ray RT won't render smoke shaded by Smoke channel
    (*) Rendering: Scene saved with the old curves in Simple Smoke mode always has inactive transparency curve
    (*) Rendering: Geometry behind simulator occludes render elements
    (*) Rendering: Bucket artifacts with a moving grid using Phoenix Light Cache together with motion blur
    (*) Rendering: Crash when previewing or rendering a cache where the particle ID channel cannot be uncompressed
    (*) Preview: Scrubbing the timeline with animated Direct Cache index leads to 3ds Max crash
    (*) Preview: Crash when playing animation with Time Bend Controls mode set to Loop
    (*) Preview: Interface lag when previewing a missing frame from a very long cache sequence
    (*) Preview: Lights that were in the scene before creating a new Phoenix simulator are added to its exclude list
    (*) I/O: Broken *.aur cache files are created when a single channel of the simulation exceeds 2 gigabytes

    And a very low simulation grid render so it can at least run on my laptop.

  2. Zomba1

    Zomba1 New Member

    Jan 4, 2013
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    looks very cool
  3. yourworstenemy


    Apr 10, 2013
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    Plenty of plugins you got there for such an old laptop..(movember)
  4. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    Just to look at them, unfortunately.
  5. trymeandy

    trymeandy Member

    Nov 2, 2012
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    that's my favorite simulator.is it possible to have this rocoon?