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Uartsy - Male Figure Sculpting In ZBrush

Discussion in 'Others Tutorials' started by VIPGFX, Jan 21, 2016.



    Jul 25, 2011
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    The 5 most important lessons:

    Understand the specific forms and shapes of the Male anatomy.
    Learn how to sculpt both dynamic and non-dynamic poses.
    Understand human facial anatomy and convey detailed expressions .
    Quickly and effectively sculpt hair for your male figure.
    Gain a solid understands of muscles in motion and how they interact with each other.
    Course Outline
    Project 1 : Relaxed Pose: Sculpting The Basic Human Form
    Basic Block Out of the Model Focusing on Major Shapes and Forms
    10 Lectures

    Project 2 : Relaxed Pose: Sculpting The Specific Forms Of The Torso
    Breaking Down the Forms of the Torso in a Non-Dynamic Pose
    7 Lectures

    Project 3 : Relaxed Pose: Sculpting The Arm
    Sculpting the Arms in a Non-Dynamic Pose
    8 Lectures

    Project 4 : Relaxed Pose: Sculpting The Leg
    Sculpting the Legs in a Non-Dynamic Pose
    5 Lectures

    Project 5 : Relaxed Pose: Sculpting The Hands And Feet
    Sculpting Hands and Feet in a Non-Dynamic Pose
    14 Lectures | 1 Assignment

    Project 6 : Sculpting the Human Head in ZBrush
    Sculpting an Idealized Male Head
    4 Lectures | 1 Assignment

    Project 7 : Blocking in the Model using ZBrush
    Blocking in General Shapes and Forms of the Body
    6 Lectures | 1 Assignment

    Project 8 : Sculpting a Torso in ZBrush
    How to Sculpt a Dynamic Torso in Pose
    7 Lectures | 1 Assignment

    Project 9 : Sculpting Arms in ZBrush
    Sculpting Dynamically Posed Arms
    7 Lectures | 1 Assignment

    Project 10 : Sculpting Legs in ZBrush
    Sculpting Dynamic Legs in Pose
    6 Lectures | 1 Assignment

    Project 11 : Sculpting Gripping Hands and Feet in ZBrush
    Sculpting in Convincing Fingers and Toes in Pose
    10 Lectures | 1 Assignment

    Project 12 : Dynamic Pose: Creating Emotion in the Face
    Adding Emotion to the Face Sculpt
    7 Lectures | 1 Assignment

    Download Links:-

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    Mirror :-

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  2. claudiogen

    claudiogen New Member

    Jun 14, 2017
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    Thanks for this post VIPGFX
    Could you please reupdate part6 RG
    Thank you