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VRay 3.60.01 for Maya 2015-2018

Discussion in 'CGI News' started by roocoon, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    At last I got a renderer for Maya 2018 :) (Arnold doesn't run in my system anymore).
    Info at: https://www.chaosgroup.com/vray/maya

    Build 3.60.01 official (12 September 2017)

    New features:
    (*) V-Ray: Support for Maya 2018;
    (*) V-Ray: Added Cryptomatte render element;
    (*) V-Ray GPU CUDA: Added support for CPU rendering (c++/cpu device type);
    (*) V-Ray GPU CUDA: Added support for NVIDIA NVLink;
    (*) VRayLightSelect: Added "Full" mode for light select elements and made it the default setting;
    (*) VRayMDLMtl: MDL materials support;
    (*) V-Ray: Added support for Maya render sequence;
    (*) VFB: Added test resolution button to the VFB;
    (*) VRayMtl: Added clip and stochastic transparency modes to VRayMtl;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: GPU production with DR;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Add support for Full Light Select render element on GPU;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Ability to set CUDA devices from the Maya UI without restarting Maya;
    (*) V-Ray: Initial support for Instancer in IPR
    (*) V-Ray: Changing the image resolution while rendering in IPR with the VFB is now possible;
    (*) V-Ray: SamplerInfo render element;
    (*) V-Ray: Toon render element;
    (*) V-Ray: Support for Maya's Toon shader setup;
    (*) V-Ray: Added an overscan feature in the render settings camera overrides;
    (*) Viewport 2.0: Support environment maps for the reflections of VRay materials;
    (*) Viewport 2.0: VRaySky preview in VP2;
    (*) V-Ray: Support for the Lens squeeze ratio of the Maya camera;
    (*) V-Ray: Support for the float nodes in LookDevKit;
    (*) V-Ray: Support for the exposure parameter of the File node;
    (*) VFB: Ability to load progressive resumable files in the VFB;
    (*) VRayMtl: Implemented Oren-Nayar roughness model;
    (*) V-Ray: Support for the -percentRes batch render flag;

    Modified features:
    (*) VRayMtl: Changed the default BRDF to GGX;
    (*) V-Ray: V-Ray size and dimension units now respect the Maya scene units;
    (*) V-Ray: ZDepth is always exported as 32-bit in multichannel EXR files;
    (*) VRayMDLMtl: MDL sample materials now included with the installation;
    (*) VRayProxy: Read multiple UV sets from Alembic files exported from the Maya Alembic exporter;
    (*) VRayTriplanar: Mappable scale attribute for the Triplanar texture;
    (*) V-Ray: Improved memory usage when there are milions of instances in the scene;
    (*) V-Ray: Faster rendering of proxies and instances when Embree is enabled;
    (*) V-Ray: Added an option for clearing the render mask;
    (*) V-Ray: V-Ray for Maya DR settings will be saved in a single XML file;
    (*) V-Ray: The VRayShelf right click menu for VRayToon can now list all the available VRayToon nodes;
    (*) V-Ray: The VRayShelf right click menu for VRayClipper can now list all the available VRayClipper nodes;
    (*) V-Ray: Added "Use V-Ray VFB" option to the right click menu in the VFB icon on the shelf;
    (*) Viewport 2.0: Preview the refraction of the base material in a VRayBlendMtl;
    (*) Viewport 2.0: V-Ray shader previews now work in DirectX;
    (*) Viewport 2.0: Support transparency in the preview for VRayMtlHair3;
    (*) Viewport 2.0: VRayFur shader preview;
    (*) Viewport 2.0: Clamped opacity to 0.1 by default to avoid invisible objects;
    (*) VRayHairSampler: Option to get the strand length from hair sampler;
    (*) ply2vrmesh: Added -verboseLevel option to ply2vrmesh in order to limit the output;
    (*) VRayScannedMtl: Added Material ID attributes to the scannedMtl in Maya;
    (*) XGen: Added V-Ray attributes to XGen Interactive Groomable Splines;
    (*) V-Ray: Added max tessellation option for hair;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Improved logging for the progressive sampler;
    (*) VRayMtl: Removed "Use reflect/refract interpolation" options from VRayMtl;
    (*) VrayLightIES: Reworked how controls update;
    (*) V-Ray: The specific frames list for animation now allows spaces;
    (*) V-Ray: Tree controls are now hidden when using embree;
    (*) V-Ray: Increased the default max paths per pixel to 10000 for IPR;
    (*) V-Ray: Ability to specify a render region with relative 0 to 1 values in maya batch and vrend;
    (*) V-Ray: Changed Light Select type labels;
    (*) V-Ray: Renamed Maya Fluids' Deep Output/Trace Sets option to Render as Geometry;
    (*) V-Ray: Print what Maya version was used to export the vrscene;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Added support for the Projection Wrap parameter;
    (*) V-Ray: Reduced CPU usage when IPR is paused;
    (*) VRayStereoscopic: Deep EXR + Spherical Camera: Fixed wrong Z value for objects behind camera plane;
    (*) V-Ray: Better error messages when writing raw EXR files;
    (*) V-Ray: Possibility to use shader names with MtlMulti/GeomStaticMesh;
    (*) VRayVolumeGrid: Improved loading time of VRayVolumeGrid caches;

    Bug fixes follow in the next post...

    I tried the same scene I had done earlier with Vray 3.50.03 in Maya 2017.
    10 minutes instead of 12. It's still ridiculously slow but better than nothing :)

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  2. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    And the rest...

    Bug fixes:
    (*) V-Ray IPR: Fixed IPR refreshing two times on any change;
    (*) V-Ray IPR: Fixed IPR restarting when selecting an object when Hypershade is open in Maya 2016+;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed render layer token not working with specific setup;
    (*) VRayProxy: Fixed no motion blur from alembic with V-Ray subdivision;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed UserInteger not working as texture switch in MultiSubTex;
    (*) V-Ray: simplexNoise now supports dynamic distortion;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed crash when duplicating and moving objects in RT;
    (*) V-Ray: The <Camera> token is now parsed properly for displaying in the file name label;
    (*) V-Ray: Viewport IPR: Fixed banding with low brightness when using SynColor;
    (*) V-Ray: Rendering no longer resets the A and B images from the VFB history;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed error in mayapy with Maya 2017 no module vray.rendererCallbacks;
    (*) VRscene manager: Fixed preview type for the vrscene not working;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed invalid geometric normal warning flooding script editor and freezing Maya;
    (*) V-Ray: Visibility of objects in Alembic files is no longer ignored by V-Ray proxy objects;
    (*) VRayStereoscopic: V-Ray now outputs Real Color for stereoscopy only when writing a shademap;
    (*) V-Ray/VFB: Deleted images from VFB history are now recycled on Windows;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed renderable curves not rendering when visibility is keyed;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed wrong alpha-channel at VFB-borders when using texture render mask;
    (*) VFB: Fixed wrong scaling of the channel box for HiDPI displays;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed object disappearing when Batch Rendering;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed deleting a V-Ray Proxy instance removing the vrayMeshMtl for proxy objects remaining in the scene;
    (*) V-Ray: Can't render XGen on render layer other than default fixed;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed Maya scene getting marked as changed when the VFB is opened or loses focus;
    (*) V-Ray: "Divide shading subdivs" should be hidden when "use local subdivs" is disabled;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed vrend command always returning success;
    (*) VRayDomeLight: Fixed lag in viewport 2.0 when rotating dome light with texture when useTransform is enabled in placeEnvTex;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed VrayFurPreview not updating in Parallel Evaluation Mode;
    (*) V-Ray: Multi-segmented motion blur: Computing particle velocities when possible;
    (*) VRayScene: Fixed UNC path getting prefixed with the vrscene root on Linux;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed in-process IPR crashes with subdivision;
    (*) V-Ray: Resuming a render with GI turned Off no longer triggers a warning for the Adaptive Lights;
    (*) VRayFur: Fixed fur disappearing in IPR on frame change;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed pixel aspect ratio not taking correct value until render settings window opened;
    (*) VRayTriplanarTex: Fixed VRayTriplanarTex texture not following surface deformation even with a reference mesh specified;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed the Material Viewer in Maya 2016 Hypershade not starting the first time;
    (*) VRayProxy: Fixed all "-" (hyphen) symbols are replaced by an "_" (underscore) when exporting to a VRayProxy;
    (*) VRayDomeLight: Fixed flipped preview in the viewport of a ramp texture in a dome light;
    (*) V-Ray: The PLUGINS variable in the installer ignores the value entered by the user - fixed;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed zDepth render element infinity color when far color is white;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed crashes when baking UDIM textures in a specific scene;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed slow export of ramp texture with lots of color handles;
    (*) VRayRectLight: Fixed random texture being assigned to the rectangle light file texture;
    (*) VRayProxy: Fixed non-ascii characters are converted to "_" when saving proxy file;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed black buckets when adding local machine with DR and Resumable rendering;
    (*) V-Ray: Use default color instead of black for missing textures;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed VRayStereoscopic camera not working when rendered with GPU;
    (*) V-Ray: V-Ray hangs the main thread when some of the license servers are offline;
    (*) VRayOSLMtl: TLS limit is hit with 1000+ OSL nodes;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed some subtle bugs in chunked scene transfer before rendering and between frames;
    (*) V-Ray: Reduced locking while rendering;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed first atmospheric effect result is added twice if the second effect is aerial perspective with active set to false;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed increasing progressive sampler memory usage with each resumed frame;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed wrong progress during loading and saving progressive resumable files;
    (*) VFB: Fixed stamp button is being replaced upon mouse-over;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed random pixels activated on an empty scene with the progressive sampler;
    (*) VFB: Fixed CC sliders' numeric value edit box not scaling properly on HiDPI screens.;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed alSurface's SSS produces NaNs;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed UVTiles at U index larger than 10 rendering gray;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed primary_visibility flag of the GeomStaticMesh plugin not working;
    (*) VRayOSLTex: Fixed OSL not respecting mipmap levels;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed V-Ray not supporting specific IES lights;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed OpenCL failing to start;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed GPU (CUDA) not rendering BRDFVRayMtl fog color texture;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed TexAColorOp in "power" mode not working as expected;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed CUDA Error 700 in specific scene;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed Camera position not updated when using a Camera Map Per Pixel map in a scene with an animated camera;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Removed the ocldeviceselect dependency to OpenCL.DLL;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed MtlMulti's mtlid_gen_float with Instancer not working;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed sphere lights with animated scale crashing when rendered with motion blur;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed Objects with VRayOverrideMtl and "Visible to camera" off still rendered in GPU;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed Blend material not rendering with OpenCL rendering;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed Crash with multi-gpu setups in specific scene;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed Glossiness driven by LayeredTex Alpha from Luminance rendering as 0 when the color is pure white;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: GPU did not render correctly V-Ray triplanar map when the texture used UV tiling more than 1;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed Artifacts with Adaptive lights, VRayLight exclude lists and matte objects;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed Wrong alpha channel with VRayLights with Directional parameter above 0.0;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed Camera lens distortion not working when motion blur is ON;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed Geometry disappearing with VRayLightMtl and direct illumination;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed "Color opacity" option not working by V-Ray GPU mode.;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed OpenCL failing to build and rendering not starting on Linux.;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed Dome light visible in the alpha through matte object with opacity;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed Textures not rendering if the filename contains the "$" symbol.;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed Dome light affecting matte surfaces when rendered with CUDA;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed Reflection/Refraction not matte when rendered with CUDA;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed crash with shared VRayEdges textures between materials in specific scene;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed broken UVTile with missing file;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Added support for arbitrary clipper exclude list items;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Improved triangle intersection precision;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Installer sets CUDA_CACHE_MAXSIZE to at least 256MB;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Driver 380+ caused some scenes to render bitmaps with wrong uv;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed zDepth RE infinity color;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: OpenCL rendered black in active shade after a scene change;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed artifact in the zenith of the sky with VRayAerialPerspective;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed crash when rendering with on-demand mipmapping;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed artifacts when using OpenCL with more than one device;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed crash when exiting Maya/V-Ray STD after CUDA was used on MacOS;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed wrong screen mapping for textures assigned to the Environment slot;
    (*) VRayVolumeGrid: The "Load nearest if missing" option is now working properly when previewing VRayVolumeGrid;
    (*) VRayVolumeGrid: The "Loop Overlap" option is now working properly when previewing VRayVolumeGrid;
    (*) VRayVolumeGrid: Fractional value for the "Play Speed" option is now working properly when previewing VRayVolumeGrid;
  3. tamzid14

    tamzid14 Well-Known Member

    Jun 3, 2012
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    (puke) all those bugs make me sick, only Vray Adv oky RT still piece of shit