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VRay 3.60.01 for Modo

Discussion in 'CGI News' started by roocoon, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    A fresh 3.60.x for the MODO series (up to Modo 12) with VRScan support.

    Info: https://www.chaosgroup.com/vray/modo

    Huge Changelog:

    Build 3.60.01 (20.03.2018)

    New features:
    (*) Support for the MODO 12 series;
    (*) Baking: Added the ability to bake to Ptx textures or .vrmesh point clouds;
    Access from Shader Tree -> Add Layer -> V-Ray Special -> V-Ray Ptex Baker;
    (*) Render Elements: Added the Cryptomatte render element;
    Access from Shader Tree -> Add Layer -> V-Ray Render Elements -> V-Ray Cryptomatte;
    (*) Render elements: Added "Multi Matte" RE;
    (*) Render elements: Added V-Ray Additional Outputs item with the following render elements:
    "Atmospheric Effects", "Background", "Caustics", "Coverage", "Material ID", "Object ID",
    "Raw Diffuse Filter", "Raw Reflection", "Raw Reflection Filter", "Raw Refraction", "Raw Refraction Filter",
    "Raw Shadow", "Render ID", "Shadow" and "Toon" REs;
    (*) RT GPU: Now allows hybrid rendering ( CPU + GPU );
    Can be enabled by selecting "C++/CPU" in the V-Ray Preferences under "CUDA Devices";
    (*) RT GPU: Added CUDA device selection in the V-Ray Preferences;
    (*) V-Ray Geometry: Added V-Ray Fur geometry item;
    (*) V-Ray Geometry: Added V-Ray Infinite Plane geometry item;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: Added V-Ray scanned material (VRscans);

    Improved features:
    (*) Camera: Support for the "Spherical VR" projection type;
    (*) Geometry: Support for animation and motion blur on the geometry exported using the Render Cache, e.g. MODO Fur;
    (*) Licensing: Exposed the user-friendly license error messages that are implemented in the 3.6 core;
    (*) Lights: Added the Double Sided option in the V-Ray Light Settings for the Area light;
    (*) Misc: Print what host application was used to export a .vrscene file;
    (*) MODO Textures: The process texture's value channel now affects scalar effects (in MODO 11.2 and later);
    (*) MODO Textures: Image map: Added support for the "brightness", "contrast" and "clamp" channels introduced in MODO 11.2;
    (*) MODO Textures: Gradient: Support for Input Parameter -> Particle Effects -> Particle ID;
    (*) Render Elements: Ambient Occlusion: Introduced separate V-Ray Subdivs which ignore the global "Use Local Subdivs" option and work per AA sample;
    (*) Render elements: Added the "Full" mode to the V-Ray Light Select render element;
    Also renamed the other modes, "Normal" is now "Direct illumination", "Raw" is now "Direct raw",
    "Diffuse" is now "Direct diffuse" and "Specular" is now "Direct specular";
    (*) Render elements: Added a command for automatically assigning multi matte or object IDs;
    (*) Render Mask: When rendering an animation using V-Ray Standalone with a Render Mask enabled, the VFB image is now cleared between frames;
    (*) Render Settings: Switched to using Embree for hair by default;
    (*) Render Settings: Exposed the "Mode", "Use GPU acceleration" and "Generate Render Elements" denoiser parameters in the Properties viewport;
    (*) Render Settings: Use the JPEG quality, PNG compression level and OpenEXR compression type and level from MODO's Image I/O preferences when auto-saving images after a render;
    (*) Render Settings: The Mitchell-Netravali filter size is now fixed at 4 pixels;
    (*) Render with V-Ray Standalone: Added an option to render all passes from a pass group;
    (*) Preferences: Added a preference for choosing the default image format for the file save dialog that opens when "Choose output image" is checked in one of the Render commands;
    (*) RT: Texture locators using "front projection" are now properly updated in RT, this includes changing the projection camera or its channels;
    (*) RT: When the render region is changed/enabled/disabled do not start rendering from scratch, instead reuse already calculated samples;
    (*) RT: Enhance Region: Preserve the region when restarting RT using the vray.rt.restart command or when a change requiring complete restart is made (e.g. changing Render Cache mode);
    (*) RT: The select items and select materials options in the VFB right click menu should be saved as global MODO preferences;
    (*) RT GPU: Texture Locator: Support for the "Front Projection" projection type;
    (*) RT GPU: When a texture locator's UV map is set to "(none)", the first available UV map should be used like in the CPU renderer;
    (*) RT GPU: Support for the "Consider same object only" option of the V-Ray Dirt texture;
    (*) Shader Tree: Handle layer mask below another layer mask;
    (*) Shader Tree: "Blend mode" and "Opacity" now work for layer masks;
    (*) Shader Tree: Support for the "Rounded Edge Width" texture effect introduced in MODO 10.2;
    Note that the result DOES NOT match Modo when there are multiple textures with the effect or they have transparent (alpha<1.0) areas;
    (*) Texture Locator: Support for the "Front Culling" option (CPU only);
    (*) UI VFB: All VFB browse dialogs should remember the last used folder;
    (*) V-Ray Atmospheres: Added the "primary visibility" option to the V-Ray Aerial Perspective UI;
    (*) V-Ray Geometry Properties: Static subdivision and displacement are now enabled by default;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: Added an "Enabled" check-box for each coat material of the V-Ray Blend material;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: Added the "opacity mode" option to the V-Ray Material UI;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: Added the "roughness model" option to the V-Ray Material UI;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: Added the "Comp in specular" option to the V-Ray Hair UI;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: Allowed the 2-sided material to be used as a sub-material;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: Enabled "glossy fresnel" and "affect shadows" by default, but only for new V-Ray materials;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: Switched to "Stochastic" opacity mode, "Oren-Nayar" roughness model and "GGX" BRDF type by default, but only for new V-Ray materials;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: Decreased the "Cutoff Threshold" in the SSS2 material to 0.001;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: The browse dialog in the V-Ray Scanned material should show .png and .jpg files and replace their extension with .vrscan before setting the "File" channel;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: (Experimental) Added an OpenGL preview for V-Ray Scanned materials;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: The V-Ray Scanned interface is very slow when there is no available license;
    (*) V-Ray Proxy: Enabled the "particle width multiplier" parameter of the "Invoke ply2vrmesh" command for the .prt, .ply, .geo and .bgeo file formats;
    (*) V-Ray Textures: The V-Ray Curvature's "out color min" and "out color max" channels now accept values up to 100;
    (*) V-Ray Textures: The V-Ray Dirt's subdivs now always ignore the "Use Local Subdivs" option and work per AA sample;
    (*) V-Ray Textures: Added the "Distance along strand absolute" output type and the "Hair max distance" parameter;
    (*) V-Ray Textures: Changed the default V-Ray Dirt radius to 10cm and the default V-Ray Noise size to 0.05, but only for new textures;
    (*) V-Ray Textures: Added a separate "Radius Texture" slot to the V-Ray Dirt texture, the final radius is now determined by multiplying "Radius" and "Radius Texture" similar to the functionality in V-Ray for 3ds Max;
    (*) V-Ray Textures: Allowed smaller values (down to 0.0001) to be entered for the size channel in the V-Ray Noise texture;
    (*) V-Ray Volume Grid: The default detail reduction is now 3, and the min detail reduction is 0;
    (*) V-Ray Volume Grid: The preview no longer uses direct OpenGL calls in Modo 11 and later, this fixes a number of issues, since the version using direct OpenGL calls is currently unfinished;
    (*) .vrscene import: Remove unnecessary suffixes (@node, @Light, @mtl, @mtl_brdf, @tex) from imported geometry names, light names, material tags, material names and texture names;
    (*) .vrscene import: Textures: UVWGenChannel: Support for importing the "tile" options from 3ds Max;

    Bugs fixed:
    Read next post.

    Partial render (it takes too long with my laptop):


    And some teapot made of fabric. Don't try this at home :)

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  2. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    Bugs fixed:
    (*) Camera: Scaled V-Ray physical camera makes image AA very blurry when rendering on the CPU;
    (*) Crash during RT when modifying geometry at vertex/edge/polygon level;
    (*) Crash during RT GPU when picking items/materials in the VFB window with 2 or more GPUs used;
    (*) Crash on a specific scene on macOS caused by stack overflow;
    (*) Crash when a Render Mask in selection mode is active and the selection is switched between a replicator and something else multiple times;
    (*) Crash if the Restart RT button is clicked after starting RT and while the scene is still being exported;
    (*) Crash when a material group references one of its parents instead of an actual library material;
    (*) Crash during RT when a transform constraint is deleted together with other items;
    (*) Crash: MODO 801 SP5 and below crash when using one of the "camera" commands in the VFB during RT and a confirmation dialog needs to be opened;
    (*) Crash with the OpenGL preview of the V-Ray Volume Grid on macOS in Modo 11.0 and later;
    (*) Crash when opening the VFB history panel if there's a vrimg in the history directory that was not saved through the panel itself;
    (*) Deadlock (random) during RT when the render/enhanced region is changed with lens effects or denoiser enabled;
    (*) Geometry: The V-Ray Clipper include/exclude list doesn't work with Replicator and .vrscene reference items;
    (*) Installation: The Filter Generator tool is not included in the installation on macOS;
    (*) Installation: The link to the docs site in the Start Menu is broken;
    (*) Nodal Shading: The "inverse" channel of the "Trigonometry" node doesn't work correctly in V-Ray;
    (*) Render Settings: When auto-saving 16-bit TIFF or 16-bit PNG images after a render, they are saved as 8-bit;
    (*) RT GPU: Pressing the RT restart button multiple times very quickly will sometimes block the whole MODO UI completely, requiring the MODO process to be killed;
    (*) RT GPU: Picking an object/material in the VFB will randomly not work when RT GPU is used with 2 or more GPUs;
    (*) RT GPU: The "Shading Normal" render element doesn't work;
    (*) RT GPU: Environment intensity multiplier doesn't work;
    (*) RT GPU: Different renders inside MODO and when using V-Ray Standalone when there is no environment visible to reflections or refractions;
    (*) RT GPU: DOF and film offset are not working on macOS even with a V-Ray Physical Camera;
    (*) RT Updates: Changing the channels of a V-Ray Aerial Perspective atmosphere is not updated in RT GPU;
    (*) Sampling: Noisy glossy refraction with BF\LC and Light Cache Retrace turned on in some scenes;
    (*) Stability: Prevent storing custom channels larger than 64KBs in MODO 10.0 and earlier, as those might lead to file corruption;
    (*) Shader Tree: When using RT + DR, group masks on material items don't work correctly on the slaves, the material becomes transparent;
    (*) Shader Tree: When using RT + DR, gradients on the bump effect don't work on the slaves;
    (*) Shader Tree: If a material has no Shader item above it, it should render normally, instead of completely black;
    (*) Shader Tree: Group/Layer masks with transparent areas don't work correctly;
    (*) Texture Locator: "Front Projection" from a non-render camera is sometimes incorrect;
    (*) UI: The bottom part of the render elements popup is not visible in MODO 901, 902 and 10.0v1;
    (*) UI: Incorrect update of the enabled state of some channels in the Properties form (e.g Fresnel IOR in the V-Ray Falloff texture) under certain circumstances;
    (*) V-Ray Proxy: The "Convert to V-Ray Proxy" command crashes when an instance of an instance needs to be replaced with a V-Ray Proxy;
    (*) V-Ray Proxy: Material tags for a V-Ray Proxy exported from Rhino are not showing up in Modo;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: Bump mapping disappears on small objects or when the camera is very close to an object;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: The V-Ray alSurface material doesn't appear in V-Ray Light Select render elements;
    (*) V-Ray Materials: Incorrect SSS on the standard V-Ray material with certain combinations of darker translucency colors and larger fog multipliers;
  3. chorkee

    chorkee New Member

    Sep 21, 2011
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    Looking forward to this update, I have problem with texture radius on V-ray dirt on version 3.52.01 for modo.
  4. dreamof3d

    dreamof3d New Member

    May 10, 2018
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    The patch from 3.5.2 works on both Mac and Windows versions, same instructions as well :)

    3.6 Working on both Win 10 and High Sierra in Modo 12 on my Mac Pro...