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VRay Advanced 3.60.03 for SketchUp

Discussion in 'CGI News' started by roocoon, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    Another step ahead for this Vray flavor.

    Info: https://www.chaosgroup.com/vray/sketchup


    (*) Update OLS server to 5.1.1
    (*) Retain Section Plane names in the V-Ray Asset Editor
    (*) MtlToon and Mtl2Sided texture binding should be handled the same way as MtlsSingleBRDF
    (*) Change the naming of the Multimatte elements to 'MM_R_G_B'
    (*) Improve the V-Ray for SketchUp Windows Start menu folder
    (*) Handle viewport_texture for MtlSingleBRDF
    (*) Change the way animation frames are handled
    (*) Update release version in EULA
    (*) Update AppSDK 1.24.2
    (*) Make V-Ray for SketchUp more verbose on startup
    (*) Unsaved SketchUp files show a relative path in the proxy export window
    (*) Exported .vrscenes with animation and no transition times produce incorrect output
    (*) Animation frame range includes one extra frame
    (*) Binding section missing from materials in v2.0 projects
    (*) Exclude certain variables from the installer config file
    (*) SketchUp minimizes itself right after loading V-Ray
    (*) Renaming a VRayClipper through SketchUp breaks the scene
    (*) Newly-created V-Ray materials are not always automatically selected in SketchUp
    (*) Animated VRScenes imported in 3.60.01 prevent the render process
    (*) Skattered VRScene instances do not appear if "Render only" is enabled
    (*) Fur and Mesh Clippers in empty component definitions raise Ruby errors
    (*) Replacing source object upon Proxy creation improperly labels the associated Multi-material
    (*) Applying a library material directly to the selection causes an error to be printed in the Ruby console
    (*) Reverting to the default render settings brings up the NeUI Animation section
    (*) VRScenes are not cut by Clippers
    (*) Changing the axes of a component incorrectly transforms the objects at render time
    (*) The background Environment texture/color multiplier is not updated correctly during IR
    (*) Apply to Selection does not work
    (*) Laubwerk trees are not affected by changes to the V-Ray proxy preview type
    (*) The V-Ray Object ID doesn't get properly applied to Component definitions and groups
    (*) Infinite Plane material changes don't update during Interactive Rendering
    (*) Specific .vrmat files cannot be loaded into a project
    (*) The camera FOV is incorrectly calculated in a specific scene
    (*) OSX: Unable to import proxy
    (*) OSX: Purging unused materials crashes SketchUp

    The worst part (for me) is that when they say a Very High Quality render takes a long time, they actually mean it.
    That's all I got after 5 hours :)