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Forum Rules*

------------- Read Our Rules Carefully / Avoid Ban -------------

General Rules !
1. GFXDomain is a multilingual forum, Official Spoken / Written language on this site is English ( Include Nick Names or User Names )

2. GFXDomain's Forum is dedicated to 3D Applications, Plug-ins, 3D Graphics, Design, 3D-modeling, Architecture, Sound FX . Do not publish other topics content, please!

3. All graphical publications with adult, sexy, erotic content is forbidden. Such publications posted on our forum will be deleted without warning.

4. We have the right to delete publications that contain ads for other sites and also publications that don't follow our rules of publication posting. Repeated offenders will be banned!

5. The following activities are forbidden on the site:

6.1 . - To offend/insult any user, moderators or administrators.

6.2 . - Nazism, racism and terrorism in any form.

6.3 . - No Advertising of Websites, Forums, Blogs, Money Making Schemes, Trading of goods, and or referrals.

7. Adf.ly and any other pay per click redirecting services are not allowed.

8. Here is a list of things that we ask to keep in mind while you are on the forum :-
8.1 . Please try to use the Search before you post to see if the topic you are about to create has been posted once before.

8.2 . Try to post the right information in the right section such as a request in a request section.

8.3 . When you post a Software or request one, Please provide a specific name of the Software, version, homepage and add a little description of the script so everyone will know for what is it.

9. Posting Related Rules!

9.1 . All links must be coded - ( eg:- [ code ] Link placed inside here [ /code ] ). Hyperlinks are not allowed.

9.2 . If you have a "beta" crack please post in beta crack section

9.3 . Don't create new threads for mirror links, if you have mirror links post in existing threads.

9.4 . Do not use images directly taken from ‘developers’ website. Images must be hosted on image hosting websites.

9.5 . Bumping your own threads is not allowed.

9.6 . A list of free image hosting sites: Check Google For More info ( https://imgur.com/ , https://fastpic.ru/ etc ... )

9.7 . Don't make Post Title with symbols , numbers or other Types ( Eg:- AuT0D3sk.3ds mAX.16.*-XF ) . ( Correct is Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 - XFORCE )

10. Warnings and Multi-Accounts !

10.1 . You can be warned only 3 times. After third warning you will be banned on the forums.

10.2 . We don't allow having multi-accounts on our forum. If we will see something like this you and your clone will be banned.

Registration Limitations

    10.4 . You can't use temporary mail servers to registering here. If we detect it you will be banned Without any notice

    11. No (thanks) Spam, Advertise or Pushing Posts !

    11.1 . If you want to Thank somebody just push the [ Thanks ]beside the particular post. Do not create reply's containing like these ...

  1. Thanks
  2. Thank you Very Much ( User name )
  3. Cool
  4. Thank You !
  5. and other blow smoke talks / Short Words

  6. Similar posts will receive warnings !

    11.2 . Stay on topic with your replies and do not hijack (push) any threads for your own purpose.

    11.3 . Do not link to any type of other sites or forums for the purpose of promoting them in general sections.

    11.4 . For this purpose we have special sections, if you can't find section for your needs - Contact Us

    11.5 . Also using the board software's email and private messaging feature to spam, advertise, abuse or to Request Our Exclusive / VIP from any other member is strictly prohibited.

    11.6 . All spammers will be banned immediately. All of their comments and publications will be removed!

    11.7 . Use " [ ] " button when you find the post useful ( Thank the poster for their efforts. )

    12. All rules apply to avatars and signatures.

    Inactive Users!

    Please note, if you won't visit GFXDomain Forum for a 5 month (150 days), you will be auto-moved into Inactive User Group and you will see only one forum, specially created for users from this category where you should write a short story or just give a post about you want to become a member again. We have the right to decline your request and remove your account.

    Warning System !

    Members who disobey the rules will be warned or banned depending on what the moderator believes is the appropriate punishment.

    Members can be warned a maximum of Two times consequently. On the Third, the member will be immediately banned.

    This does not mean that you have to have a warning to get banned, moderators may ban you without warnings depending on the offense.

    If you do not know why you received a warning, an email and private message would have been sent to notify you of the reason why you were warned and who warned you.

    End Note !

    The GFXDomain Staff saves themself the rights by acting to expedite the settlement of any issue not explicitly covered in any part of these rules.

    We also reserve the rights to change the rules anytime, but you will be informed about such.


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