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3D Modeling In Blender 2.8 For Unity Video Game Developers

Discussion in 'Others Tutorials' started by Srbin, Nov 23, 2022 at 5:23 PM.

  1. Srbin

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    Apr 4, 2017
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    3D Modeling In Blender 2.8 For Unity Video Game Developers
    Last updated 10/2019
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 6.13 GB | Duration: 7h 45m

    Indie Video Game Developers Learn How to Design Low-Poly 3D Props for Prototyping Games with Blender 2.8 & Unity 2018.2

    What you'll learn
    3D modeling in Blender 2.8
    Simple low-poly props
    Tools, Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks

    Students must know their way around the computer
    Students should want to make models for video game design
    3 Button mouse with Scrollwheel highly recommended
    Full computer keyboard with Numeric Keypad highly recommended

    In this course, students will learn the basic core components of building 3D models using Blender 2.8 and Unity 2018.2. The lessons contained within the course allow the student to gradually learn important tools used for everyday modeling, while providing simple objects to practice on which give the tools more meaning through practical hands on experience.As the course progresses, you'll be introduced to new tools, and then given the task of creating a simple prop that makes use of the new information you have acquired while continuing to reinforce previously learned material all along the journey.By the end of this course, you should be able to construct basic 3D props for your Unity Prototype Games. With enough practice and experience, you'll be well on your way to publishing your first game.
    Section 1: Getting Started
    Lecture 1 What You Will Learn
    Lecture 2 Textures Used in This Course
    Lecture 3 Custom Startup File
    Lecture 4 General Navigation
    Lecture 5 A Note About Cheat Sheets
    Section 2: Low-Poly Barrel
    Lecture 6 Select, Delete & Undo
    Lecture 7 Add Mesh
    Lecture 8 Increment Snapping
    Lecture 9 Loop Cut & Slide
    Lecture 10 Scale
    Lecture 11 Inset
    Lecture 12 Extrude
    Lecture 13 Shading Types: Wireframe & Solid
    Lecture 14 Loop Select
    Lecture 15 Duplicate & Separate Selection
    Lecture 16 Convert to Curve (from Mesh)
    Lecture 17 Curve: Bevel
    Lecture 18 Join
    Lecture 19 UV Unwrap: Cube Projection
    Lecture 20 New Material
    Lecture 21 UV Selections: Vertex, Edge, Face & Island
    Lecture 22 UV: Weld Tools
    Lecture 23 Barrel Model: Start to Finish (from Scratch)
    Section 3: Low-Poly Trees
    Lecture 24 Collections: Hide
    Lecture 25 Subdivide & Triangulate
    Lecture 26 Sculpting Workspace
    Lecture 27 Proportional Editing (Tree Trunk)
    Lecture 28 Offset Edge Loop Cut (Tree Branching)
    Lecture 29 Smooth Tool (Branch Segment Smoothing)
    Lecture 30 Organic Adjustments: Tree Bottom
    Lecture 31 Organic Adjustments: Tree Top
    Lecture 32 Rip Region (Rocks)
    Lecture 33 Flat Color Materials (No UVs Required)
    Lecture 34 Palm Tree Trunk
    Lecture 35 Leaf Shape (Plane)
    Lecture 36 Leaf Sag (Bezier Curve)
    Lecture 37 Leaf Solidify
    Lecture 38 Leaf Tears (Rip Region)
    Lecture 39 Leaf Colors (Assign Materials)
    Lecture 40 Duplicating in Object Mode
    Lecture 41 Palm Tree Finishing Touches
    Lecture 42 Pine Tree Top
    Lecture 43 Pine Tree Trunk
    Lecture 44 Pine Tree Materials
    Section 4: Low-Poly Picket Fence
    Lecture 45 Fence Post & Cap
    Lecture 46 Mirror Modifier (Modular Fence Post)
    Lecture 47 Fence Rails
    Lecture 48 Bezier Curve (Fence Path)
    Lecture 49 Array Modifier (Repeating Fence)
    Lecture 50 Curve Modifier (Curved Fence)
    Lecture 51 Fine Tuning & Smoothing (Fence Details)
    Lecture 52 Floating Geometry (Fence Pickets)
    Lecture 53 Multiple Materials (Picket Fence)
    Lecture 54 Fence Gate
    Section 5: Loose Ends
    Lecture 55 Reducing Polys
    Lecture 56 Improved Gate
    Lecture 57 Scaling All Props
    Lecture 58 Export from Blender & Import into Unity
    Lecture 59 Assign Textures to Materials in Unity
    Lecture 60 Seamless Textures
    Lecture 61 3D Text
    Lecture 62 Quick Favorites
    Lecture 63 BONUS LECTURE: More Courses by Billy McDaniel
    New Blender users with no experience in 3D modeling,Experienced Blender users who are new to Blender 2.8,Experienced modelers who are proficient in other software, but curious about the new Blender 2.8.

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