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Blender Market - Procedural Texturing | Blender Master Class

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    Jul 25, 2011
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    What is procedural texturing?
    Procedural texturing transforms simple math into boundless photorealistic shaders with infinite variety and resolution.
    Go beyond image textures that look like a mush of pixels close-up, and wield the power of procedural textures with crisp details and no repeated patterns in sight.
    Are you playing with node sliders and getting some interesting results but not really sure what is happening under the hood? With a firm grasp of the inner workings of nodes, you'll be confident in tweaking the parameters to get the precise effect you want.

    What You'll Learn
    A wealth of procedural texturing techniques
    How to create a realistic procedural mossy wall shader from scratch

    Procedural texturing workflow
    The material nodes essentials
    Pro tips for utilizing the power of nodes in Blender
    Tips for organizing your node trees and keep your sanity

    Instructor: Luca Rood
    Hi, I'm Luca Rood and I am a 3D Software Developer, Researcher, and Technical Artist, with over a decade of experience with Blender, and a long term passion for procedural node-based workflows in particular.
    If you want to follow my work, check out my Twitter.

    What's Inside?
    Video Info: 4.5+ hours, 1920x1080, MP4 format
    55+ Videos
    The full process of creating a realistic mossy wall procedural shader in Blender
    Tips and tricks of procedural noding
    Project Files (Including the brickwall Ubershader!)
    Software: Blender 2.9x
    Skill Level: Intermediate

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