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CGMA - Character Texturing for Games in Substance

Discussion in 'Others Tutorials' started by VIPGFX, Aug 28, 2019.



    Jul 25, 2011
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    This class will go over how to use Substance painter as a tool for texturing game characters. We will go over good practices on how to UV a character, bake required maps inside substance, and setting up a scene. We will also go over how to texture props, cloths and skin for a character’s face and body (all required mesh provided). By the end of this class, students will have their textured assets presented inside their engine of choice. This course is about learning techniques using Substance Painter that students can later apply to their own projects.

    Week 1 | Painter Basics
    Week 2 | PBR Fundamentals and Texturing
    Week 3 | Texturing Cloths and Baking a face for texturing
    Week 4 | Texturing a Face in Painter
    Week 5 | Finishing the Face Textures
    Week 6 | Presenting the Assets in Engine

    Download Links:-

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    Mirror :-

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