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Complete Web Design Course: Html, Css, Javascript And Jquery

Discussion in 'Others Tutorials' started by Srbin, Nov 29, 2022.

  1. Srbin

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    Apr 4, 2017
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    Complete Web Design Course: Html, Css, Javascript And Jquery
    Last updated 6/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 7.92 GB | Duration: 20h 25m

    4 Courses in 1! From complete beginner to advanced. Learn Webdesign and Become a Professional Front End Web Developer!

    What you'll learn
    How to build websites using HTML5, CSS, Javascript and jQuery
    Build responsive Websites that load perfectly on desktops, tablets and mobile devices
    Start your career as a Web Developer
    HTML5 semantic elements and best practices
    Handle forms and send e-mails from you website

    Basic Knowledge of Using a Computer

    In this course you will learn the basic fundamentals of how to build web sites using HTML & CSS, Javascript and jQuery. No previous knowledge is required to take this course, you will learn from the absolute beginning and start coding in a short time.With our hands-on step by step method with projects, challenges and exercises you will learn how to build beautiful web pages in a fun and intuitive way. Get ready to build web sites and web applications and start you career as a WEB DEVELOPER!Whether if you are aiming for a career as a web developer of you are a freelance web designer who wants to master front end development, this course is what you've been looking for.Being the building blocks of the world wide web, HTML, CSS and Javascript are fundamental skills for any IT professional. With these skills you can build your own digital products, work as a freelancer or pursue a successful career on a big tech company. No matter the path you choose, this course is going to provide you with high quality content and a great learning experience so you achieve all your goals. Enroll now and let's start building amazing websites and we services!
    Section 1: First Steps with HTML & CSS
    Lecture 1 Downloading Visual Studio Code
    Lecture 2 Basic Structure of an HTML Document
    Lecture 3 HTML Elements (Tags)
    Lecture 4 Lists and Links
    Lecture 5 Images and Videos
    Lecture 6 Styles
    Lecture 7 HTML5 Semantic Elements
    Lecture 8 The Developer Tools & More CSS Properties (Part 1)
    Lecture 9 The Developer Tools & More CSS Properties (Part 2)
    Lecture 10 Classes, IDs, and CSS Selectors
    Lecture 11 Styling the Content of the Article
    Lecture 12 Styling the List of Links
    Lecture 13 Fonts
    Lecture 14 Styling the Social Links
    Lecture 15 Colors
    Section 2: Diving Deeper Into HTML & CSS
    Lecture 16 Introducing the Next Project & Setup
    Lecture 17 Starting with the Header
    Lecture 18 Alignment of Header Items With Flexbox
    Lecture 19 Fixed Position on Header
    Lecture 20 Doing the Logo in HTML & CSS
    Lecture 21 Background Image of Hero Section
    Lecture 22 Text Area of Hero Section (Part 1)
    Lecture 23 Text Area of Hero Section (Part 2)
    Lecture 24 Starting the Best Sellers Area
    Lecture 25 The 3 Products Section
    Lecture 26 Individual Product Boxes
    Lecture 27 Product information
    Lecture 28 Applying the New Tag
    Lecture 29 Discounted price
    Lecture 30 Newsletter Section
    Lecture 31 Styling the newsletter elements
    Lecture 32 The Footer Element
    Lecture 33 Bottom Navigation
    Lecture 34 HTML Entities
    Lecture 35 Hover states
    Section 3: Responsive Design with CSS Media Queries
    Lecture 36 Intro to CSS Media Queries
    Lecture 37 Setting up the Breakpoints
    Lecture 38 A Note About Media Queries Organization
    Lecture 39 Designing the Header Navigation
    Lecture 40 Designing the Hero Section
    Lecture 41 Responsive Images with HTML5's Picture Element
    Lecture 42 The Best Sellers Section
    Lecture 43 Newsletter and Footer
    Lecture 44 Internal Links
    Section 4: Hosting & Domain - Publishing Our Website Online
    Lecture 45 Hosting and Domain - A Brief Explanation
    Lecture 46 Using a Free Hosting Service
    Lecture 47 Configuring FTP
    Lecture 48 Using a Paid Hosting Service
    Lecture 49 Setting up a Customized .COM Domain Name
    Section 5: Javascript Basics
    Lecture 50 Javascript Course Intro
    Lecture 51 First Steps With Javascript
    Lecture 52 Javascript Syntax
    Lecture 53 DOM - Document Object Model
    Lecture 54 Working With The DOM
    Lecture 55 Variables
    Lecture 56 Data Types: Strings
    Lecture 57 Data Types: Numbers (Part 1)
    Lecture 58 Data Types: Numbers (Part 2)
    Lecture 59 Data Types: Booleans
    Lecture 60 Data Types: Null and Undefined
    Lecture 61 List Of Exercises # 1
    Lecture 62 List Of Exercises # 1 (Solution - Part 1)
    Lecture 63 List Of Exercises # 1 (Solution - Part 2)
    Lecture 64 Functions
    Lecture 65 Data Types: Arrays
    Lecture 66 Data Types: Objects
    Lecture 67 Objects Methods
    Lecture 68 List Of Exercises # 2
    Lecture 69 List Of Exercises # 2 (Solution - Part 1)
    Lecture 70 List Of Exercises # 2 (Solution - Part 2)
    Section 6: Diving Deeper into Javascript
    Lecture 71 Events
    Lecture 72 CSS Manipulation
    Lecture 73 More getElement Methods
    Lecture 74 For and For in Loops
    Lecture 75 While Loops
    Lecture 76 Conditionals
    Lecture 77 Conditionals (Part 2)
    Lecture 78 Nested Loops and Conditionals
    Lecture 79 Variable Scope
    Lecture 80 List Of Exercises # 3
    Lecture 81 List Of Exercises # 3 (Solution - Part 1)
    Lecture 82 List Of Exercises # 3 (Solution - Part 2)
    Lecture 83 List Of Exercises # 3 (Solution - Part 3)
    Lecture 84 BOM - Browser Object Model
    Lecture 85 Date & Time
    Lecture 86 Challenge - Calculating Date Intervals
    Lecture 87 Time Methods
    Lecture 88 Clock Challenge
    Lecture 89 Break and Continue
    Lecture 90 Forms
    Lecture 91 Forms (Part 2)
    Lecture 92 The onchange Event
    Lecture 93 List Of Exercises # 4
    Lecture 94 List Of Exercises # 4 (Solution - Part 1)
    Lecture 95 List Of Exercises # 4 (Solution - Part 2)
    Lecture 96 List Of Exercises # 4 (Solution - Part 3)
    Lecture 97 List Of Exercises # 4 (Solution - Part 4)
    Lecture 98 List Of Exercises # 4 (Solution - Part 5)
    Section 7: Project # 3 - WeDesign Website
    Lecture 99 Presentation
    Lecture 100 Mobile Menu
    Lecture 101 About Us Section
    Lecture 102 Our Services Sections
    Lecture 103 Contact Form
    Lecture 104 Copyright Year on Footer
    Section 8: jQuery
    Lecture 105 jQuery Intro
    Lecture 106 jQuery Syntax
    Lecture 107 DOM Manipulation
    Lecture 108 Forms
    Lecture 109 Forms (Part 2)
    Lecture 110 CSS Classes Manipulation
    Lecture 111 Events
    Lecture 112 Events Challenge
    Lecture 113 Effects
    Lecture 114 The Animate Method
    Lecture 115 Download The scripts.js File Used Throughout The Course
    Section 9: Project # 4 - Online T-Shirt Store
    Lecture 116 Presentation of the project
    Lecture 117 Getting the Search Parameters
    Lecture 118 Update Order Details
    Lecture 119 Calculate the Price
    Lecture 120 Update the Product Photo
    Lecture 121 The Change Event For The Quantity and Style Filters
    Lecture 122 The Change Event For The Color and Quality Filters
    Lecture 123 Formatting the Price
    People aiming to start a career as a Web Developer,People willing to start selling websites as Freelance Web Developers,Freelance Web Designers who want to master front end development,People looking to learn how to build a website using code only,People looking to learn new skills

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