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Corona Render 5 RC4 (2019-11-05) for C4D

Discussion in 'CGI News' started by roocoon, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    One more RC and a step closer to the final.

    Changelog, including the RC3 I hadn't bothered with:

    RC4 2019-11-05

    Added new 2.5D displacement
    Added animation parameters for Corona Proxy
    Added an option to toggle enhanced OpenGL material previews in Corona global preferences (off by default)

    Renamed "Texture tag index" in UVW randomizer to "Material tag index" to match R21
    Changed directory structure in the folder created by the "Unpack" method in the installer

    Render regions are now persistent between renders and also saved with the document properly
    Render regions work over TR now
    Fixed alpha mode in interactive viewport
    Various Corona Proxy fixes:
    Fixed proxy caching behavior - it correclty supports the "Keep in RAM" option and only reloads when needed
    Fixed proxy objects not being animated
    Fixed bounding box position and size
    Fixed color used for displaying solid bounding box
    Fixed crash when instancing hair object (hair stil won't render)
    Fixed world-space mapping for heterogeneous medium used as global medium
    Fixed environment IR updates when rotating sky in IR
    Multishader in "Material ID" and "Object buffer ID" modes now maps first row to ID 1 (as shown in UI)

    RC3 2019-10-15

    Added partial support for the "Enhanced OpenGL" mode for Corona material
    Added "Mesh element" option in the UVW randomizer map
    Renamed randomization modes in UVW randomizer:
    "Instance" -> "Objects"
    "Material ID" -> "Texture tag index"
    (!) "Material GID" -> "Material ID"
    "Object GID" -> "Object buffer ID"
    The build is notarized for Mac OS now

    Fixed problem with Mac OS installer not installing R21 by default
    Fixed Sky object not working with LightSelect multipass

    And an unfinished render: