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Courses Exchange

Discussion in 'The CG Shop' started by Ahmedtrancer, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Ahmedtrancer

    Ahmedtrancer Member

    Jun 15, 2019
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    Hi goodfellas, i am looking for courses to exchange i will let you know what you have and if you interested in and have something not out there yet, we can exchange. Cheers

    Mographmentor - 3D Styleframing & Art Direction
    GAI - Hard surface design
    GAI - Digital Realism The Face
    GAI - Character Creation by Jason Martin
    CGMA - Motion Graphics
    CGMA - Introduction to marvelous designer 2019
    CGMA - Fundamentals of Design with Tyler Edlin
    CGMA - Next Gen Character Creation Mentorship
    CGMA - Intro to Maya
    CGMA - Weapons and Props for Games
    CGMA – Hard Surface Modeling for Films
    CGMA 2D Academy - 2D Animation: Body Mechanics with Liane-Cho Han
    CGMA - Hard Surface Modeling for Characters
    CGMA - Organic World Building in UE4
    CGMA - Sculpting Anatomy from Animal to Creature
    CGMA - Fundamentals Of Character Design with Ahmed Aldoori
    CGMA - FX for Games with Fabio Silva
    CGMA - Intro to Production Modeling
    CGMA - The Art of Lighting for Games
    CGMA – Character Facial Sculpting with Dmitrij Leppee
    CGMA - Fundamentals of Environment Design with Kalen Chock
    CGMA - UE4 Modular Environments with Clinton Crumpler
    CGMA - Abstract FX in Houdini
    CGMA - Intro to Environment Art
    CGMA - Intro to Substance for Environment Art with Ben Keeling
    CGMA - The Art of Color And Light with Marco Bucci
    CGMA - Anatomy for Production
    CGMA - Mastering Destruction in Houdini
    CGMA - Character Texturing for Games in Substance - Saurabh Jethani
    CGMA - Texturing and Shading for Games
    CGMA - Character Creation for Film Cinematics
    CGMA - Hair Creation for Games with Johan Lithval

    Concept Masters Vol.1
    Character Design for Film and Games Andrew Domachowskiby
    Mecha Samurai - Keos Masons
    Weapon Creation for Video Games, Scribble Mesh