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Designing Animatable Psd Characters In Procreate

Discussion in 'Others Tutorials' started by Srbin, Nov 18, 2022.

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    Apr 4, 2017
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    Designing Animatable Psd Characters In Procreate
    Last updated 6/2020
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 6.05 GB | Duration: 6h 16m

    Design PSD based characters with proper layer hierarchy to animate in Moho, Character Animator, Animate CC and more!

    What you'll learn
    Properly layout and design animatable characters that can be imported into Animate CC, Moho, Character Animator and more

    While you can follow the design steps with any software, Procreate is required to open source files

    Are you ready to build your own character that can be imported into Moho, Animate CC, Character Animator and more? Then this is the course for you! By using Procreate, a design app for the iPad, we will create a separated and properly structured character which can easily be taken to the next step for animation. Don't have Procreate? Don't worry! You can still follow along with your design app of choice!More specifically you will learn how to:Navigate Procreate and utilize popular featuresSketch a characterRefine a sketch for proper shapes and dimensionsSet up proper layer order for rigging and animatingInk the sketchColor the sketchShade and highlight the sketchCreate eight mouth poses for lip syncingSketch out two addition head poses to set you up for creating head turnsExport the file from Procreate to a PSD for animation
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 What You Will Learn in this Course
    Lecture 2 Accessing Course Exercise Files
    Lecture 3 Adjusting Canvas and Resolution
    Lecture 4 Setting Up a Reference
    Lecture 5 Quick Overview of Procreate
    Section 2: Sketching the Character
    Lecture 6 Sketching the Head
    Lecture 7 Adjusting and Refining Head Sketch
    Lecture 8 Sketching the Hair
    Lecture 9 Sketching the Body
    Lecture 10 Sketching the Limbs
    Lecture 11 Adjusting Arms
    Lecture 12 Cleaning Up Sketch
    Section 3: Inking the Head
    Lecture 13 Examining Layer Hierarchy and Layout
    Lecture 14 Setting Up Document for Inking
    Lecture 15 Inking the Head
    Lecture 16 Inking the Hair
    Lecture 17 Inking the Hair Strands
    Lecture 18 Inking Ponytail
    Section 4: Inking the Body
    Lecture 19 Inking the Torso
    Lecture 20 Inking the Jacket
    Lecture 21 Inking the Neck and Collar
    Lecture 22 Inking Limbs
    Lecture 23 Inking Hand Poses
    Lecture 24 Duplicating Front Limbs
    Section 5: Coloring the Character
    Lecture 25 Coloring the Head
    Lecture 26 Coloring the Body
    Lecture 27 Coloring the Limbs
    Section 6: Shading the Character
    Lecture 28 Shading the Face and Hair
    Lecture 29 Shading Bangs, Eyes and Ponytail
    Lecture 30 Other Ways to Shade
    Lecture 31 Shading the Body
    Lecture 32 Shading the Limbs
    Lecture 33 Shading the Feet
    Lecture 34 Shading the Hands
    Section 7: Highlighting the Character
    Lecture 35 Highlighting the Head
    Lecture 36 Highlighting the Body
    Lecture 37 Highlighting the Limbs, Feet and Hands
    Lecture 38 Merging Shading and Highlighting Layers
    Section 8: Creating Additional Mouth Poses
    Lecture 39 Sketching Out the Phonemes
    Lecture 40 Inking the Phonemes
    Lecture 41 Coloring the Phonemes
    Lecture 42 Shading and Highlighting the Phonemes
    Lecture 43 Shading and Highlighting Lips
    Section 9: Sketching Profile and Front Head Views
    Lecture 44 Creating Guides for Head Phases
    Lecture 45 Sketching the Front Head Phase
    Lecture 46 Sketching the Front Hair Phase
    Lecture 47 Reviewing Front Head Symmetry
    Lecture 48 Sketching Profile Head and Hair
    Section 10: Wrapping Up
    Lecture 49 Exporting File for Animation
    Lecture 50 Final Thoughts
    Beginner animators looking to design characters for their animated productions

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