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DipTrace 4.1 x64

Discussion in '2D' started by brainsgonedead2000, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. brainsgonedead2000

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    May 22, 2019
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    I've never cracked this before, the only limitation I see is the 30 days. Class it as a BETA test on my part, but it seems to work well.

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    3D Libraries:

    lti-Level Hierarchical Schematics
    Schematic Capture is an advanced circuit design tool with support of multi-sheet and multi-level hierarchical schematics. This module of DipTrace delivers a number of features for visual and logical pin connections. Cross-module management ensures that principal circuits can be easily converted to PCB, back annotated, or imported/exported from other EDA, CAD, and netlist formats. Verification and SPICE export for simulation allow for full project analysis.


    Advanced Routing Capabilities
    PCB Layout is a high-level engineering tool for board design featuring smart manual routing of high-speed and differential signals, shape-based autorouter, advanced verification, and wide import/export capabilities. Design requirements are defined by net classes, class-to-class rules, and detailed settings by object types for each class or layer. DipTrace features design process with real-time DRC, which reports errors on the fly before actually making them. The board can be previewed in 3D and exported for mechanical CAD modeling. Design Rule Check with in-depth detailing, Net Connectivity verification, and comparing to source schematic ensure maximum quality of the final product.


    Smart Component Management
    DipTrace is always up-to-date; we continuously expand component libraries and bring innovations directly to you. The standard library set already includes more than 160,000 components and 22,000+ patterns designed up to IPC-7351 Standard. Pattern and Component Editors allow designing new components using custom templates, bulk pin naming, pad renumbering, and bus management instruments, which significantly increase the working speed. Besides, Pattern Editor module features a built-in tool – Pattern Generator – enabling automatic generation of footprints and 3D models according to the latest IPC-7351 Standard. Importing libraries and 3D models from various formats adds even more engineering capabilities. Component and Pattern library verifications ensure an error-free design environment from the very beginning.


    Version 4.1 (February 3, 2021)

    - Improved panelizing: V-Score and Tab Routing with mouse bites.

    - Improved BOM, BOM in PCB Layout, Interactive BOM: integrated and HTML export.

    - Improved Pick and Place: Center X/Y by component outline and terminals if exist, package height, updated dialog window.

    - Assembly variants for BOM and Pick and Place.

    - Improved Drill Size Report.

    - Automatic update of report tables in PCB (BOM, Pick and Place, Drill Size, Layer Stack).

    - Table rows and related components for report tables are highlighted.

    - Raster pictures in PCB, improved raster pictures in Schematic.

    - "Do not rotate marking with component" option.

    - Improved trace editing: sharp angles are optimized, moving orthogonal trace with related 45 degree segments if necessary.

    - Highlight copper pour islands and traces when highlight any trace or copper pour border.

    - Align components and texts by other components and texts while moving.

    - Resize of all panels (layers/properties/design manager, route, place component, etc) by mouse drag and drop.

    - Bulk update of patterns in component libraries.

    - Keep all pins of IPC-7351 3D model, not depending on pattern pads (option).

    - Pattern description is displayed in Component Editor, Schematic and PCB.

    - Basic part swap in Schematic.

    - Remove ratline while deleting trace (option).

    - 3D preview: Vector pictures in mask layer.

    - Import/Export Improvements for DXF, Eagle, Altium ASCII, P-CAD ASCII.

    - IPC-7351 Pattern Generator changes in CQFP, DFN 2 Pins, DFN 3 Pins, DFN 4 Pins, SOD, SODFL, Radial (Round LED), Radial (Rectangular LED), Radial (Disk), Radial (Disk, Offset Leads).

    - IPC-7351 automatic 3D models for the following families:

    Crystal(HC-49); Crystal; Chip Array, 2 Side Concave; Chip Array, 4 Side Concave;

    Oscillator, Corner Concave; Oscillator, Side Concave;

    Chip Array, 2 Side Flat; Chip Array, 4 Side Flat; LCC;

    Chip, Side Concave(2, 4 Pins); Chip Array, 2 Side Convex;

    DIP Socket; SIP; TO Cylindrical; Radial (Dipped, Round); Radial (Dipped, Rectangular); Radial (Dipped, Rectangular Offset Leads);

    Radial (Disk); Radial (Disk, Offset Leads); Radial (Inductor); Radial (Molded).

    - New libraries:

    Con HDMI, Con Sockets DIP, Objects Fiducial, Objects Hardware Inch, Objects Hardware Metric,

    Objects Jumper, Objects Lead Hole Pad, Objects Panelizing, Objects Testpoint, Objects Wire.

    - Old libraries redesigned for IPC-7351:

    Con Rect Headers, Con Rect Wire to Board, Con USB, Con Vacuum Tubes, Inductors, Potentiometers.

    See List of fixed bugs and minor update changes.