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  1. We need to collect last month donation for our Servers,

    Click this link and Help Us:http://forum.gfxdomain.net/donate/

    If we help in yours works or study , please spend some money for us to pay ours servers


Discussion in 'Site Improvment & Suggestions' started by noxlupi, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. System_Dev

    System_Dev Maintenance MAN
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    Nov 2, 2010
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    We added donation bar, But users still selfish and never make small donation ,(whew)
  2. bobrpggamer

    bobrpggamer Member

    May 26, 2015
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    I donated twice - one for newcomer status, and another time to save the severs on the torrents side of things. But could I be the only one getting the save the servers pop ups every time I click on anything, even after donating.

    I see the constant $280.00 needed status slowly gong from 0 -59 dollars, do they want me to pay the rest or is no one donating at all. I don't understand too well how the sever donations work, so I could use a little help understanding:

    1 - I donated $10.00 twice, is this not enough?
    2 - why after donating do I receive the pop ups to donate to help the cost of servers every time I click on anything.
    3 - Do they expect me to personalty pay the rest of the cost myself - via the constant pop ups.
    4 - Can anyone afford $5.00 to $10.00 to download 1,000s of dollars of cool but expensive content creation programs (hopefully just to fool around with) .

    I love 3D and do not have the money for the programs offered here , like probably most of the guys here. I use these programs to fool around and ,make things for myself or family and not commercially. I am grateful to X-force and to all others since 3D Studio Max 3.1 and how they fill that empty part of my creative soul.

    Hopefully we can continue to fill that empty space in the right side of our brains, and make cool things (hopefully not to sell unless you buy the content after you have made some money commercially)

    Also keep an eye the sick F***s who like to fill our computers with viruses and other F***** up malware.

    Monster Magnet - King of Mars:

    You can rape the world and be creative now
    You can kiss the right side of your brain

    Alright a bit off topic but we all have that creative side or we would not be here.