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Enfocus PitStop 13 update 2 Multilingual, (PDF preflight)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Items' started by unImportand, Oct 23, 2017.

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    Apr 20, 2017
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    Enfocus announces that PitStop 13 update 2 is now available. This latest version of the company’s signature PDF quality control software includes support for a new forthcoming industry standard, new packaging preflight functionality, updated Pantone libraries and improvements, preflight restrictions and a subscription option for PitStop Server. Demonstrations of PitStop 13 update 2 and other Enfocus solutions will be on display at the Enfocus stand (hall 8b, booth A23) at drupa 2016.

    Setting a new standard in preflight

    PitStop 13 update 2 includes support for the ISO/DIS 19593-1 processing steps draft international standard. This draft standard, which originated with the Ghent Workgroup, was created to bring conformity to how the layers and objects of a PDF are managed or constructed. For print service providers who do more complex work like finishing, varnishing, embossing, braille or barcodes, this level of conformity is essential.

    To introduce users to this standard – and the benefits it can bring to the printer’s operation – PitStop 13 update 2 includes several new Actions and default Action Lists. These new Actions can be used in conjunction with existing PitStop preflight and correction functionality to extend the preflight possibilities when creating or using an ISO 19593-1 based workflow.

    Preflight for Packaging

    Using PitStop 13 update 2, users can perform packaging-specific preflight checks on PDF files created with Esko applications. Using this Esko-generated metadata, Enfocus has added some specific Actions and standard Action Lists that can check barcodes and inks.

    PitStop 13 update 2 includes a range of new, user-requested features, including:

    Updated Pantone libraries
    PitStop 13 update 2 will support the updated Pantone libraries, including the 112 latest colours. In addition the Pantone+ Solid Coated and Solid Uncoated libraries are available with both Lab and CMYK alternate colour spaces, this will help to overcome issues created by changes to the Pantone Libraries within creative desktop applications.
    Icon support for Retina displays in Acrobat DC
    Adobe has released support within their Adobe Acrobat SDK for third party plugin icons in Adobe Acrobat DC update 3 or higher. These are now included within PitStop 13 update 2. The PitStop icons have also been updated to work with the light/dark themes in Acrobat DC.
    Improvements to Preflight Restrictions
    In PitStop 13 update 2, restrictions can be remembered, so they do not have to be calculated every time. This gives users a significant increase speed and in performance when using Restrictions.

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