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>> Exchange YOUR COURSES "BIGGEST OFFER 2021" <<

Discussion in 'Exchange Your Items' started by Mutasim, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. Mutasim

    Mutasim Active Member

    Mar 17, 2019
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    Exchange policy:
    Hi all.
    If you want to exchange the courses that you have ( Not free stuff or torrent course from free sites) for discount " credits ". This The Right Place

    HOW THAT WORK : Please read carefully

    1 - You must send the full name of the course you want to give to me and the page link.
    2 - After that, I will evaluate the course. How much is its value .
    3 - I will send you how much discount "credits" you will get on your balance If you give it to me and it was sold in my store.
    4 - After the agreement, you must send the course to me or give me your account and download it myself.
    5 - I will add the course to my list and channel and tell all my customers about it after I make sure that the course is complete and has no problem.
    6 - When I sell the course, the discount will be added automatically and a notification will be sent to you.
    7 - If the course is published on the free sites and did not get any purchase before that. The course loses its value, and you will not be given anything.

    Q&A :

    • What you mean with discount "credits "?
    For example, you got a $50 discount . So when you need buy something form me you will get 50$ discount so if the course price 150$ you will pay 100$
    • Do I have to send the course before it can be sold?
    Yes read 4 " HOW THAT WORK " .
    • Why you will not gave me "credits " directly after files sent ? And how i will know if get sale or not?
    Because i don't know if your course will get customer or not. And if get sale you will be notified immediately and credits added to you
    • How much will the discount "credits" be?
    It depends on the course between 20$ to 150$.
    • I will get discount for one time ?
    Yes for one time only on the course that you gave to me and the first customer bought it.
    • How i trust you ?
    If you are old customer you know I am reliable. I always deliver and have a lot of vouches in my post. Also, there are already friends and buyers who have done this with me before.
    Note: i don't accept cheap courses or subscribe sites like udemy..lynda..ect

    Please do not send me a question that I already answered.

    Contact :
    Telegram : @mutasimmh
    Discord : Mutasim#8504

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  2. Auggy99

    Auggy99 Member

    Jan 11, 2019
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    So you're like Gamestop now?
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  3. tushar ryan

    tushar ryan Active Member

    Sep 13, 2019
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    XD its doesnt matter bcz its totally his profit ... whereas credit system is suck ass feature as i can see ..
  4. zackary

    zackary Member

    Sep 3, 2019
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    Hahahaha so fun and interesting! This this sounds like my old trade thread i used to run but I closed it down due to real life being busy. Only difference is I never make money on anything. Well that's good to know, perhaps I may take you up on exchanging courses in the future.