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Exchanging/Trading CGMA and other courses

Discussion in 'The CG Shop' started by zackary, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. zackary

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    Sep 3, 2019
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    I have some courses I am willing to trade for others. I do not sell courses, exchange only. I do this to to learn not earn.
    If you are interested in trading, please private message me. Do not ask me questions on this post. I will simply not respond to them.

    This is a general rule for everyone. I don't answer anything whatsoever on this post. I try to keep this post as clean as possible as a courtesy for everyone.
    If there was a way to lock this post so i could only post on here I would. However as far as I know you can't

    What I have
    2D Animation Body Mechanics [Liane-Cho Han]
    Abstract FX in Houdini [Adam Swaab]
    Advanced Substance for Environment Art [Ben Keeling]
    Analytical Figure Drawing (2019) [Ron Lemen]
    Anatomy of Clothing [Ron Lemen]
    Anatomy for Production [Christian Bull]
    Becoming A Better Artist - Digital Painting [Robert Chang]
    Character Creation for Film-Cinematics [Pete Zoppi]
    Character Design For Animation [Nate Wragg]
    Character Design for Films and Games [Marco Nelor]
    Character Facial Sculpting (2019) [Dmitrij Leppee]
    Character Texturing for Games in Substance [Saurabh Jethani]
    Costume Design [Clayton Stillwell]
    Digital Painting [David Merritt]
    Drawing & Rendering Techniques for Hardware Design [Michal Kus]
    Dynamic Sketching 1 [Peter Han]
    Dynamic Sketching 2 [Peter Han]
    Environment Sketching 2019 [Dzu Nguyen]
    Figure Drawing- Anatomy of Style [Patrick Jones]
    Fundamentals of Architecture Design [Tyler Edlin]
    Fundamentals Of Character Design [Ahmed Aldoori]
    Fundamentals of Character Design [Brett Bean]
    Fundamentals of Design [Tyler Edlin]
    Fundamentals of Environment Design 2019 [Kalen Chock]
    Fundamentals of Substance for Environment Art [Ben Keeling]
    FX For Games [Fabio Silva]
    Hair Creation for Games [Johan Lithvall]
    Hard Surface Modeling for Characters [Ben Erdt]
    Hard Surface Modeling for Films [Jay Machado]
    Intro to Environment Art [Peyton Varney]
    Intro To Fx Using Houdini 2018 [Timothy Stam]
    Intro to Production Modeling (2018) [David Mooy]
    Introduction to Marvelous Designer 2019 [John Gotch]
    Introduction to Unity [TBA]
    Level Design for Games [Patrick Haslow]
    Mastering Destruction in Houdini [Keith Kamholz]
    Next Gen Character Creation Mentorship 2019 [Adam Skutt]
    Organic World Building in UE4 [Tragan Monaghan]
    Perspective [Scott Caple]
    Photogrammetry for Modern Games [Jonathan Rush]
    Pyro FX Using Houdini [TBA]
    Rigging For Games [Perry Leijten]
    Sculpting Anatomy- From Animal to Creature (2019) [Gael Kerchenbaum]
    Texturing and Shading for Games [Angel Fernandes]
    The Art Of Color And Light [Marco Bucci]
    The Art of Lighting for Games [Omar Gatica]
    UE4 Modular Environments [Anthony Vaccaro]
    Vegetation & Plants for Games [Jeremy Huxley]
    Vex in Houdini [Johannes Richter]
    Weapons and Props for [Sean Ian Runnels]

    I also have CGMA Stylized Characters in 3D [Hannah Kang] - but will only trade this course
    for CGMA - Creating Stylized Game Assets 2019 [Ashleigh Warner], no exceptions.

    GAI (Game Art Institute):
    Character Creation [Jason Martin]
    Environment Artist Bootcamp 2017
    Game Artist Bootcamp January 2019
    Hardsurface Environments [Shawnell Priester]
    Hard Surface Design [Alex Senechal]
    Imaginative Sculpting [Mariano Steiner]
    Key Frame Cinematic Illustration [Alexander Mandradjiev]
    Mastering Substance 2019 (Substance Masterclass 2019) - [Arvin Villapando]
    Stylized Characters in 3D
    Worldbuilding 101

    Introduction to FX using Houdini
    Introduction to Houdini for 3D Artists
    Introduction To Houdini For FX Artists
    Advanced Asset Creation in Houdini for VFX and Games (Subs)
    Mastering Pyro FX in Houdini (Simulation and Rendering) [Saber Jlassi]

    Character Creation for Video Games [J Hill]
    Creating Appealing Characters in 3D [Dylan Ekren]
    Master Organic Modeling [Gio Nakpil]
    Material Creation With Substance Designer [Pete Sekula]

    Master Class- Disney's Zach Parrish & Brent Homman

    How to Make a Stylized Outdoor Environment from Start to Finish

    Modular Environment for Production

    Elementza - Mastering 3D Modeling in Maya

    Playcreative - The Ultimate 3D Game Art Course

    What I'm Looking For:
    Anything not listed not listed above from CGMA, GAI, Rebelway, Mold3D, (It can be 2d or 3d, if it's not listed then I am open to trade.)
    Examples of CGMA's i'm loooking for: (for full CGMA list i'm looking for, scroll down to second post).
    Texturing and Surfacing for Films/Cinematics
    Creating Stylized Game Assets 2019
    ZBrush for Concept & Iteration

    Aaron Sorensen VFX Crash Course.
    (Animation Related Courses)

    Astute Graphics for illustrator 2019 (or 2020, 2019 preferably.). A "Proper" working cr@ck. More details on thread: GFXD: Astute Graphics Plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator. if you are able to crack this I will trade you any one course that doesn't have a rule next to it. However I will need to confirm that it works without issue and it's not a trial reset or anything, so you will have to send it to me to test out first. If it's good then i'll send you any 1 course that has no trade rules next to it.


    Animsquad masterclasses

    Animation Mentor

    IAnimate (depends on what it is)

    Character Rigging Production Techniques

    Game Art Institute
    GAi - Hossain Dieba
    Environment lighting for games

    Gumroad -
    (FULL VERSION) The Complete Introduction to 2D Animation - Full Package

    Various gumroads.
    I am hesitant to put this. I am only after a very select list of gumroad. That said, anything you try and trade me gumroad, - I need to have my values worth depending on the trades offered. So I will request multiple gumroads to compensate for cost.

    Learn Squared:
    3D Asset Production
    Design for Production Animation
    Hud Design
    Hud Animation
    Substance Designer

    About CG

    If you have something else to trade that's not on this list, please private message me. I might be interested.

    This post is a work in progress and will update later. This is all the CGMA's i have. I have other courses I have not listed yet above is not the full list. I will remove this bottom part when the list is complete.
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  2. zackary

    zackary Member

    Sep 3, 2019
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    If you have any of the following CGMA I am interested in trading for the following:

    Some have + next to them, this means different instructors but the same course name, but they are different versions.
    CGMA I am looking for:
    2D Animation Essentials [TBA]
    2D Motion Graphics in After Effects [Mehreen Bazm]
    Absolute Beginners [Yves Yumol] + [Poe Tan]
    Advanced Matte Painting for Production
    Animal Drawing [Shannon Beaumont]
    Art Direction for Character Designers
    Biomedical Imaging in 3D
    Character Creation for Games [Patrick Yeung]
    Character Design for Production [Nate Wragg]
    Character Design Mentorship with Carlos Grangel [Carlos Grangel]
    Character Design Portfolio Mentorship [Sang Jun Lee]
    Character Facial Rigging for Production
    Cloth Creation and Simulation for Real-Time [Laura Gallagher]
    Cloth Simulation for VFX
    Comics- The Art of Storytelling
    Composition for Concept Art and Illustration
    Concept Art- From 2D to 3D
    Costume Concept Design [Phil Boutte]
    Creating Comics & Graphic Novels
    Creating Stylized Game Assets 2019
    Creature Design for Film and Games
    Crowd Simulation
    Digital Art Foundations
    Digital Portrait Painting
    Dynamic Sketching *depends on teacher*
    Dynamic Sketching 2 *depends on teacher*
    Environment Concept Design [Aaron Limonick]
    Environment Painting & Design [Rhys Griffiths]
    Environment Sketching for Production [Patrick Raines]
    Fluids FX Using Houdini [TBA]
    Foundations in Modern 2D Animation [Andrea Gerstmann]
    Fundamentals of Perspective
    Fundamentals of Houdini for 3D Artist [Varomix Wey]
    Grooming for VFX [Kristin Farrensteiner]
    Head Drawing and Construction
    Intro to Rigging [Fabio Siino]
    IP Development for Production
    Interior Design for Maya
    Key Frame Illustration for Production
    Lighting and shading for Film Production [Frederic Durand]
    Matte Painting *depends on teacher*
    Mechanical Rigging [Tim Coleman]
    Motion Graphics [Ferdinando Spagnolo]
    Narrative Illustration and Characters [Miguel Iglesias]
    Organic Design in Houdini [Sebastien Marsais]
    Props for Game Play [Sean Ian Runnels]
    Previs for Film Production [Bevin Carnes]
    Production Illustration for Matte Painters and Concept Artist
    Python for VFX and Animation in Maya [Alexander Richter]
    Rigging Techniques: Cartoon to Realistic [TBA]
    Sketching Mentorship with Peter Han
    Storyboard Mentorship [Kevin Reed]
    Storyboarding for Animation [Eugene Huang]
    Story Development for Artists- from Idea to Reality [Joshua Pruett]
    Storyboarding for Live action & Commercials [Lanny Markasky]
    Themed Environment Design [Luc Steadman]
    Texturing and Surfacing for Films/Cinematics [Chris Nichols]
    Visual Development and Art Direction Mentorship
    ZBrush for Concept & Iteration [Michael Pavlovich]

    See one not listed you have but isn't on the list? Private message me and I might be interested.
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    Sep 13, 2019
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    Check discord
  4. zackary

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    Sep 3, 2019
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