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FastRawViewer (32/64bit)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Items' started by brainsgonedead2000, Nov 10, 2019.

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    May 22, 2019
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    Download (pastefile)
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    The Only Real WYSIWYG Raw Viewer
    The Essential Workflow Tool for Every RAW Shooter

    Is your RAW converter slow while building 1:1 previews or culling RAW files?

    Use FastRawViewer - a great time-saver and an ideal RAW workflow helper.

    FastRawViewer opens RAW files extremely quickly and renders them on-the-fly, instead of just displaying embedded JPEGs. It allows a photographer to see the RAW exactly as a converter will "see" it, without any delays or waiting time, guaranteeing the possibility to sort and cull RAW images lightning fast and based on the quality of the RAW itself, not JPEG previews.

    FastRawViewer's RAW-based tools (unique ones such as RAW histogram, RAW statistics, Shadow Boost, Highlight Inspection, Focus Peaking, per-channel view, as well as familiar ones like Exposure Compensation, White Balance, Contrast Curves) allow one to estimate what a converter will be able to squeeze from the RAW image data and make preliminary adjustments to the RAW file, which will be acknowledged in Adobe converters.

    FastRawViewer provides tools for the rating, labeling and sorting photos, and filtering of any number of RAW images.

    FastRawViewer supports a variety of RAW, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG formats.

    FastRawViewer is very user-friendly and seamlessly integrates into any existing RAW workflow. It is extremely flexible; nearly all of its settings can be tuned and keyboard/mouse shortcuts can be changed according to individual habits and preferences.


    To Choose Correctly You Need to See a Correct Preview
    A JPEG's preview and a JPEG histogram can be very deceptive.

    Look below; each of the pictures demonstrates two previews of the same shot – one is an embedded JPEG with a JPEG histogram (left part of the picture) and the other is from the RAW data with a RAW histogram (right part of the picture).

    Will you choose to keep the shot, looking only at the left part of the picture?


    Other viewers will show just the embedded JPEG or an uncontrolled conversion of a shot (left part of the picture).

    Only FastRawViewer displays RAW as the camera captured it and as RAW converters will "see" it (right part of the picture).

    For the first time ever, there is a Fast Raw Viewer that will enable you to evaluate exposure

    based on RAW data and not on the brightness of some uncontrolled render or embedded JPEG.
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