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FontLab 7 (32 & 64bit)

Discussion in '2D' started by brainsgonedead2000, Dec 4, 2019 at 3:03 AM.

  1. brainsgonedead2000

    brainsgonedead2000 Well-Known Member

    May 22, 2019
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    You need to download all 3 files, not just 1 or 2 as you need to extract all 3 files then choose the version you want to extract.

    As usual I hacked the serial so I could get the username then just cracked it normally to bypass the registration. SO just edit the reg file to use your own name. Any issues please let me know, I checked it quickly my end as it's very late.


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    New in FontLab 7

    Auto OpenType features

    Equalize uneven stems

    Edit all masters

    Centerline & thickness

    Batch glyph renaming

    Conditional glyphs

    Quick Help

    Fix kerning clashes

    Precision dragging • VF intermediate masters • Parametric GPOS • PDF • JSON • CFF2 • STAT • and much more
    Introducing FontLab 7
    FontLab VI was long in the making. We shipped the first public preview version in 2015, premiered the app in 2017, and we tirelessly kept making it better. If you’re a FontLab VI user, you’ve seen some of these improvements in the free updates that we have published since the premiere. But we’ve also been working on a more comprehensive upgrade. So after a super-busy summer, we’re proud to present FontLab 7, the follow-up to FontLab VI!
    Boost your design productivity
    With FontLab 7, you can edit curves precisely without zooming (Cmd/Ctrl+drag), improve consistency of the weight (thickness measurement, equalize uneven stems), quickly create kerning classes (now also both-sided) and fix clashing kerning combinations.

    FontLab 7 fully supports variable fonts. You can open and export both CFF2- and TrueType VFs, with intermediate glyph masters and conditional glyph substitution, avar axis mapping and STAT axis instances. You can view multiple masters at the same time (as overlaid wireframes, and as cousins on the sides), and edit them (Edit across Layers, Match when Editing).

    FontLab 7 now understands glyph naming from other font editors, and can automatically generate OpenType features based on different glyph naming schemes (it’s easy to batch-rename glyphs, too!).

    Best FontLab ever
    Built on a solid 64-bit foundation, FontLab 7 runs smoothly on macOS Catalina, on Windows 10, on older systems, and even on Linux! FontLab 7 focuses on stability, productivity and technical excellence. We’ve incorporated countless user requests, as well as some of our ideas that didn’t make it into the previous release.

    Turn your ideas into shipping fonts
    FontLab 7 is versatile and battle-proven.

    Designers from all over the world have used the app to create massive variable font families (Grand Gothik by Parachute, Circe Slab by Alexandra Korolkova & Oleksa Volochay / ParaType, Fact by Alexandra Korolkova & Manvel Shmavonyan / ParaType, Bolyar Sans by Jordan Jelev & Vassil Kateliev / Fontmaker), ambitious historical revivals (CAL Bodoni by Dave Lawrence / California Type Foundry), decorative one-offs (Wanchy by Matthijs Herzberg), and color OpenType fonts like the titling font for the Joker movie by Chad Danieley.

    Learn the tricks
    Many open-source font projects have been made with FontLab.

    Download the VFC/VFJ work files and explore the techniques used by the designers: Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic, Graduate by Eduardo Tunni, Science Gothic by Thomas Phinney, Brandon Buerkle, Igor Freiberger, Vassil Kateliev, Secuela by Fernando Haro / deFharo, or Optician Sans by Fábio Duarte Martins / Scannerlicker & ANTI Hamar.

    When you run FontLab 7, hold F1 over a user interface element, and let the new Quick Help tell you more about it.
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