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Discussion in 'Site Improvment & Suggestions' started by B-Ray, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Andy47

    Andy47 Well-Known Member
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    Feb 24, 2012
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    They complain because they obviously think e****i supplied them with so much wonderful stuff, when all he really did was post images and descriptions of what he could supply to you if you sent a pm and only if HE trusted you enough..... OR if you donated lots of money.

    When the fact is, he rarely gave anything away, most of it was only given to those requesting it, when it was (at the same time) suddenly freely available everywhere else.. and you saw posts blaming link thiefs and trolls for it

    As for this place wanting unlimited donations mark0spasic says. Donations are totally voluntary.. and yes sites like this cost money to run, no money, no site, plain and simple..almost every single site like this either gets donations from members or has a ton of advertising splashed al over it.. As I have said many times, if i could donate, then I would and hopefully in the near future I will again be able to do more to help

    Permanent BAN number one... jimsamurai
  2. B-Ray

    B-Ray New Member

    Nov 25, 2010
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    We were producing many services to this site and published plugin nd model and many other things freely.
    Do you thing esanti shared all things with you exactly NOT.
    You should wait for several months for one secret link.

    Asanty for per month $ 150 for get VIP Section, for example 20 members=3000$ Of course much more members were in a month

    He earned dollars@paid all the costs to server.

    But we release all secret link It's completely free(first post are list stuff)

    Nobody force you to pay, donations are voluntary.

    Arch.GFX thanks for banned this guy

    mark0spasic and Andy47 many thanks (y) (y)
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  3. Arch.GFX

    Arch.GFX New Member
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    Jan 1, 1970
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    another lame attempt to spoil the free zone here and envy to what the guys achieve here.... SImonpanand is out , better go to your master and worship his bussiness he does with monkeys like you....puppet !
    Guys, no need to explain anythng to such people...or animals, can't put them to same order like humans, because its unhuman to make such stupid and pointless comments....they are envy of what they see and they know that their master fat guy is going down deeper and deeper ... let them burn in envy :)))
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  4. jameswatt

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    Sep 7, 2012
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    I do not hear anything. I'm with the translator. It would be great abrierais page in spanish .and cogierais an administrator. The Spanish community is strong and generous when you understand what you read.