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Golden Ratio (Screen Helper for artists)

Discussion in '2D' started by brainsgonedead2000, Mar 26, 2020.

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    May 22, 2019
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    With the stencil tool you can place a frame on the screen. This frame is divided into sections by means of a pattern of lines. Several different patterns are available for dividing the frame with different proportions (the golden section for instance).

    The aspect ratio of the frame can easily be set to a special value by holding down the shift key while moving one of the borders with the mouse. The special aspect ratio is displayed next to the mouse. Several special aspect ratios are available: common photo, movie and paper formats as well as whole numbers and - of course - the golden section.

    The frame can be rotated.

    Aspect ratio, size, position and rotation angle are displayed on the main window.

    Cutting photographs
    The following example shows how to cut a photo in a way, the content is arranged according to the golden section ratio.

    Golden Ratio is used with Paint Shop Pro here.

    The translucent worksheet window (on the left) and the main window (on the right) are on top of the Paint Shop Pro window. Golden Ratio is in "Edit" mode (left button is down) here. This means that the stencil can be moved, resized and rotated on the worksheet window of Golden Ratio by means of the resizing grips. In this example the stencil has a width to height ratio of 4 to 3, which is a usual aspect ratio of digital photographs. The stencil consists of a border and two pairs of vertical and horizontal lines dividing it by the golden section. It is positioned over the photo so the horizon is at one of the horizontal lines, and the person is at the intersection of two lines.

    Now the "Template" mode is active (right button is down). This means that the worksheet window is transparent and has no border, and the stencil has no resizing grips any more. The most important fact is that the worksheet window does not receive mouse clicks any more. As a consequence, the Paint Shop Pro window below it can be used the normal way. There's just the stencil as an overlay. Finally the cutting tool of Paint Shop Pro can be applied to the area of the photo marked by the stencil.
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