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Gumroad - Autodesk Maya Mel Script Mega Pack Latest Update Maya 2020 Dec

Discussion in 'Maya' started by VIPGFX, Dec 16, 2020.



    Jul 25, 2011
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    -Maya to Marmoset Workflow for Normal Maps

    -UV Edges Toolbox for Maya

    -Fastest Way to Create Normal Map Stamps in Maya Script

    -One Click Import/Export Selection From one Maya Scene to Another

    -Instant Reference Planes from Selected File Nodes

    -Delete Empty Groups in Maya

    -Fast Open Close for Maya

    -Special Transform Tools

    -Vert Snapping Toolbox for Maya

    -Weld Components to Closest Vertices in Maya

    -Create Primitive at Selection in Maya

    -Axis Aligned Lattice Deformer in Maya

    -Mirror and Instance Toolbox for Maya

    -Clean Combine, Extract, Dupe Faces for Maya

    -Select Every Other Edge in Maya

    -Show Geometry Border Edges in Maya

    -Naming Toolbox for Maya

    -Copy/Paste Material from Face to Components

    -Select Faces by Material ID in Maya

    -Graph Materials from Selected Faces in Maya

    -Checker Map Toolbox for Maya

    -UV Grabber Toolbox for Maya

    -Light Mapping Toolbox for Maya

    -UV Mapping Fastest and Easiest Way in Maya Toolbox

    -Gridify UVs

    -UV Mapping Toolbox for Maya

    Download Links:-

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    Mirror :-

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