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Gumroad - Handgun for Video games Tutorial by Eugene Petrov

Discussion in 'Maya Tutor' started by VIPGFX, Sep 26, 2019.



    Jul 25, 2011
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    In this tutorial I will cover full process of creating a game ready weapon asset, aimed for modern FPS video games. I will show my working pipeline of creating hard surface high poly models in Zbrush using Live Boolean feature, then creating low poly optimized mesh in Maya.

    Also I will cover my methods of unwrapping and baking techniques to make sure the final low poly model looks nice and clean.

    And finally I’ll share my experience of approaching the texturing process in substance painter aimed on weapons, and will show and comment the whole process of texturing from start to finish without using any smart material

    Complete Edition Content:

    31 full HD Video Files of complete narrated process of creating game ready asset (in English)
    Zbrush scenes for high poly model
    FPS hands mesh in holding and blank poses + textures
    Maya scene for low poly model
    Substance Painter alphas
    Maya unlock normals script
    Final Substance Painter Project file
    Final Marmoset Toolbag file for all rendered images
    Marmoset Toolbag baker scene
    PSD File with bakes
    PSD File with renders
    2 reference boards used for this tutorial

    36 hours of video in MP4 1920×1080 format with full audio commentary in English. Everything is recorded and commented on in real time.

    Download Links:-

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    Mirror :-

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    Mirror :-

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