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Ielts: The Complete Ielts Preparation Course

Discussion in 'Others Tutorials' started by Srbin, Nov 24, 2022 at 6:38 PM.

  1. Srbin

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    Apr 4, 2017
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    Ielts: The Complete Ielts Preparation Course
    Published 8/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 9.40 GB | Duration: 9h 18m

    Get Band 7+ in IELTS tests by learning Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing from this course

    What you'll learn
    Understanding the format and marking system of all the modules of the exam
    Understand the necessity and validity of the exam
    Understanding the requirements of the exam
    Understand the different types of questions in each module and how to deal with the questions?
    Identify the key points from the extract as well as the question in Reading and Listening
    All dos and don'ts of each module
    Know the traps of the module and also know how to overcome them successfully
    Know to paraphrase and use connective devices, especially in Speaking and Writing
    Strategies for time management
    Know how to skim and scan and extract information
    Know the best way to present the answers while Writing and Speaking

    Person with an understanding of English who is able to read, write and speak in a neutral accent.
    Has the tenacity to learn and understand Cambridge 11 to 16( books that would be used during explanation). NB *We do not provide them but recommend using these books.
    Ability to give their best to achieve 7+ band

    Any language testing system tests you in all 4 skills namely, Listening, Reading, Writing (Commonly known as LRW), and Speaking. In IELTS 7+ bands as been a dream or target of every aspirant but to make this dream come true, this course will be the best choice. This course will guide you through both Academic Module and General module.The uniqueness of this course is the teaching method fits all types of learners. It is organized logically step by step. Every need of the learner is taken care of. To illustrate, each section of all modules is dealt in depth with examples so that the student gets the feel of a real exam. The course is curated by experienced trainers keeping in mind the difficulties and confusion faced by the students during taking the course and for the exam. Not only this the course creator has used simple language to make things simpler for the learners.The course creators and the trainers have a good number of experiences in this field. All are certified trainers and are adept in their field. They have record of students who have achieved acceptable scores. You can see a distinct metamorphosis in terms of understanding, The mentoring and guidance will help you to answer the questions asked in IELTS easily.The attractive part of this course is the speaking module which is planned not just to answer a set of questions but to train your brain to think more about the relevant questions. This will also be helpful in the future.
    Section 1: Introduction to IELTS
    Lecture 1 Introduction to IELTS
    Lecture 2 IELTS - Introduction
    Section 2: IELTS Speaking
    Lecture 3 IELTS SPEAKING TEST | Speaking Tips, Format & Criteria for Marking in IELTS
    Lecture 4 ✔IELTS Speaking Tips and Tricks | Speaking Test IELTS BAND 7
    Lecture 5 ✔IELTS Speaking Part- 1 | IELTS Mock Interview Speaking Test
    Lecture 6 ✔IELTS Speaking Part- 2 | IELTS Speaking Cue Cards
    Lecture 7 IELTS Speaking Cue Cards | IELTS Speaking about Places
    Lecture 8 IELTS Speaking with Cue Cards for Band 7 Score | IELTS Speaking about THINGS
    Section 3: IELTS Writing Skills
    Lecture 9 How to Improve your IELTS Writing Skills? | IELTS Writing Tips for Band 8 Score
    Lecture 10 All About IELTS | Where to Start? | Age Limit | Test Preparation & Format
    Lecture 11 IELTS Writing Test | IELTS Writing Test Tips and Format
    Lecture 12 IELTS Letter Writing | Formal & Informal Letters
    Lecture 13 Task 1: Pie chart
    Lecture 14 Task 1: line graph
    Lecture 15 IELTS Writing - Bar Graph
    Lecture 16 Task 1: Table
    Lecture 17 Task 1: Life cycle
    Lecture 18 Task 1: Process
    Lecture 19 Task 1: Maps
    Lecture 20 Task 2 -Type 2Advantage Disadvantage
    Lecture 21 Task 2-Type 3 Discussion Type
    Lecture 22 Task 2: Type 1 Agree Disagree
    Lecture 23 Task 2-Type 4 Problem and Solution
    Lecture 24 Task 2-Type 5 Two question
    Lecture 25 Essay Structure
    Section 4: Reading
    Lecture 26 Overall
    Lecture 27 Question Types
    Lecture 28 IELTS Reading - Types of Passage
    Lecture 29 Type 1 True /False/Not Given
    Lecture 30 Type 2 Yes/No/Not Given
    Lecture 31 Type 3 Short Type answer
    Lecture 32 IELTS Reading - Type 5 - Matching Headings
    Lecture 33 Type 6 Sentence Completion
    Lecture 34 Type 7 Matching Information
    Lecture 35 Type 8 Summary completion
    Lecture 36 Type 9 Label Completion
    Lecture 37 Type 10 Matching features
    Lecture 38 Type 11 Note Completion
    Lecture 39 Type 12 Matching sentence completion
    Lecture 40 Type 13 Table completion
    Section 5: Listening
    Lecture 41 Overall
    Lecture 42 Types of question
    Lecture 43 Section 1
    Lecture 44 Section 2 (Part-1)
    Lecture 45 Section 2 (Part-2)
    Lecture 46 Section 3
    Lecture 47 Section 4
    This course is for students aspiring to study in 11,000 above organizations across the world in 140 countries or more,Candidates who are willing to work in these countries majorly UK, US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and many more,Candidates seeking PR for well-known countries,Candidates planning to improve their Reading and Comprehending skills,Candidates planning to improve their Listening skills and has willingness to get acceptable scores in IELTS and such related exams,Candidates willing to know how to write an effective essay according to IELTS Academic format and others will find this course helpful,Candidates willing to improve their writing skills and willing to avoid common mistakes will certainly go for this course,This course will be to a great asset for the candidates who would like to know the essential requirement for IELTS General letter writing,Speaking skills have also been given a special emphasis in this course. So, any candidate with hesitation to speak English will find it useful as it not only provides sample answers but gives you some starters and guess questions that will help to train your brain to tackle any type of question that come across,Of course, this course will guide you to improve your scores

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