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IKMAX v1.9 for Cinema 4D R15 to S24 Win x64

Discussion in 'Cinema 4D' started by VIPGFX, May 17, 2021.



    Jul 25, 2011
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    Finally a fun and easy way to rig your characters in seconds instead of minutes of tedious work! Instead of traditional scaling/rotating/moving joints to fit your model, just touch the mesh on the specific parts.

    Very easy, fast, and fun!
    Pick your character model and then have fun just selecting the points as indicated, that’s it! No boring and tedious manual placements of joints. After that you can fine adjust if needed.

    1-Click Cloth Bind Presets!
    Generate the Skin weights to only the joints you need with 1 click instead of selecting manually the joints that will affect the object.

    Select the objects you want to attach and just click the body part in the dedicated interface to constraint them!

    1-Click Eye Controls
    Experimental new feature to automatically generate “look-at” controls for your character’s eyes, just select the 2 eyeballs and done.

    All in one place.
    Interface with all the stuff you need for a fast and fun experience of giving life to your models. Auto-rig from guides, auto-skin, display options for rig and mesh, test rig, change to figure mode, etc…

    In seconds, not minutes!
    Just rig+skin in seconds! Literally you can give life to your model in LESS than 1 or 2 minutes!

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