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Matrix 9.0 Build 7348 (Revo Edition)

Discussion in 'CGI News' started by roocoon, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    I got my hands on a later edition and spent some (maybe a bit more) time on it to avoid thinking about taxes (it's this time of the year).
    I don't see much added when Revo is activated. I found some "Toolpath Builder" that I don't know how to use and that's about it. It might show more if the hardware is connected. No idea really. This is over my head.

    Details here: https://www.stuller.com/matrix


    Matrix 9 Update 10 (5/12/2018)
    changed bg color on profile editor for first time run
    fix revo bug where user would delete revo temp folder
    make sure revo temp folder there before trying touse via c builder,added it to methods outside loading
    fix where updating cache file casts userlib to baselib items
    clear texture command
    latest EULA from Stuller legal
    fix debug error on startup
    labs and clayoo authorization errors
    fix manual menu page link
    fixed gvlib user preview and gem info problem
    Added remember/restore for customer contact info (first name, last name, email) to Stuller Submit per customer request
    Updated F6 from Andrew
    Changed F6 gem cutter commands so that they do not auto-launch into style sheets dialog
    fix hidden layers coming on and off during job bag importing
    enum even types for f6 command events
    took out string look up in f6 for clayoo meshes
    added user temp folder to search rhino list for finding texture bmps when needed
    do rebuild to alleviate 'tearing' on rope curves cutting through view planes
    uncomment immediate event
    GIA work
    new standalone installer for key progammer
    fix startup bug on some systems
    foreign version bug texture builder
    fixed translation button error
    final wording on bad sys files dialog per kw
    pop up explorer to matrix updates downloaded folder for user to rerun if corrupt matrix system file check fails and will not let user launch Matrix
    design report keep custom logo on printing
    fix materials being lost after layer visible state changed

    And a render that, being irrelevant to what the program is designed to do, doesn't pay justice to its capabilities.