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Numerion Carbon v2.15.1 Maya 2018 - 2022 Win x64

Discussion in 'Maya' started by VIPGFX, Aug 1, 2021.



    Jul 25, 2011
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    Carbon Cloth is production proven for simulation of clothing, ropes, sails, nets, and deformable skin.

    What’s New :
    – Add optional node list feature to Carbon Flow.
    – Add collision activation to Carbon Cloth and Carbon Morph. This allows removal of collision between the corresponding Carbon Cloth / Carbon Morph and itself and all other Carbon nodes in the simulation.
    – Carbon Garment Processor:
    – Change Deformer Reference default behavior. If no Optional Deformer reference panels are specified, the Simulation panels (i.e.
    Carbon Cloth Start Meshes) will be used as Deformer’s Driver Reference panels.
    – Fix issues in Carbon Garment Processor when trying to “Edit Detail Assignments” on geometry that is not colored.
    – Macros:
    – Button(s) macro:
    – Automatically create Rigid Body output meshes.
    – Improve handling of invalid inputs.
    – Add progress window to “Carbon Create Body Output Meshes” macro.
    – Extend “Swap Cloth Reference Meshes” macro to allow changing of cloth models.
    – Improve “Rigid – Cloth Welding” and “Actor – Cloth Welding” macro.
    – Significantly improve the evaluation speed of Carbon Flow when using Maya fields/fluids. Some setups can see a 100+-fold improvement.
    – Fix issues with Carbon Stitching Reference interpolation during Lead Simulation.
    – Fix Carbon Actor and Carbon Rigid Physics Draw visualization logic.

    Download Links:-

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    Mirror :-

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