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ON1 Photo RAW 2019.2 Win x64

Discussion in '2D' started by VIPGFX, Jan 30, 2019.



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    New ON1 Photo RAW 2019 puts the primary photo editing needs for photographers under one roof, keeping the workflow elegant and powerful, yet simple. Photo RAW 2019 includes significant updates to both performance and image quality, significant new features like non-destructive layers integration, new layered file features including auto-alignment and focus stacking, a new portrait tab, a new text tool, new digital asset management updates, and new supported cameras and lenses. ON1 Photo RAW 2019 includes the professional tools photographers need to get professional results. All in a single well thought out photography workflow application. Your Replacement to Lightroom & Photoshop Without the Subscription
    ON1 Photo RAW 2019 is a game changer. It gives photographers the features they use the most from the Lightroom® and Photoshop® worlds in a single application. This is what we mean by an all-new photo editing experience.

    ON1 Photo RAW 2019 includes the tools photographers need, all in a single well thought out photography workflow application
    Fast Browsing, Organizing, & Batch Processing
    Quickly browse, organize, manage and catalog photos in your photo editing workflow. The ultra-fast photo browser and organizer is perfect for rapidly viewing and culling through photos without having to wait on previews to generate or an import process.

    New Layers Workflow
    Layers integration sits at the heart of ON1 Photo RAW 2019 allowing for raw processing on multiple raw photos, keeping all the non-destructive settings for each photo, and have it done within one workflow.

    RAW Processing & Non-Destructive Editing
    A state-of-the-art processing engine providing a fast, smooth, comfortable, and fun photo editing experience while producing the highest quality results for your photos.

    Photo Effects, Filters, Presets, LUTs
    Includes hundreds of fast, non-destructive, stackable, re-editable, and customizable photo effects and filters providing endless creative possibilities.
    Hundreds of built-in filters, presets, and LUTs
    Stackable, re-editable, and customizable
    Manage and organize presets

    Effortless Retouching, Masking,
    Blending, and Brushing
    The tools for retouching portraits, photo restoration, and enhancing photos are available in ON1 Photo RAW 2019. ON1 Photo RAW 2019 includes the best set of masking tools for beginners and advanced users. Whether replacing backgrounds, skies or selectively applying an adjustment with a mask or selection.

    HDR Merge
    Tone mapping and merging exposure brackets has never been faster or easier.
    Auto-aligns photos and removes ghosting
    Create natural look or surreal looking HDR photos

    Panorama Stitching
    Stitch together multiple photos into a single panorama or matrix photo. Automatically aligns photos and blends them together seamlessly.
    Stitch multiple photos together
    Automatically aligns photos

    Image Resizing
    Includes ON1 Resize, powered by Genuine Fractals, for the best quality image enlargements.
    Enlarge photos up to 1000% without loss in quality
    Create gallery wraps and divide an image into tiles for printing mosaics

    Softproofing & Printing
    Simulate what your photo will look like when you are preparing your photos for print.
    Full printing capabilities built-in
    Crop, resize, and print all in one place

    System Requirements:
    Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (current maintenance releases, 64-bit only)

    Optional App Integration:
    Optional App Integration Photoshop CS6 and above
    Photoshop Elements 14 and above
    Photoshop Lightroom Classic 6 and above
    Apple Photos

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    Ha ha! I beat the BOT for once!