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Ornatrix for Maya

Discussion in 'CGI News' started by roocoon, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    The v2 is now out of beta. Hairdos have no reason to fail anymore.

    Info at: https://ephere.com/plugins/autodesk/maya/ornatrix/

    Generic write-up of what's new in v2:

    New Operators:

    Push Away From Surface
    Moov Hair Physics
    Resolve Collisions
    Change Width
    Importing Alembic hair
    Adopt External Guides
    Weaver and Weaver Pattern
    Ornatrix V-Ray Primitive​


    Strand group patterns
    Generate Strand Data node:
    Generate XYZ object and world-space strand data values
    Store/freeze data
    SeExpr expressions to generate data
    Generate data into strand groups, widths, strand ids, and other channels
    Texture maps can be used as source data and in SeExpr​
    Edit Guides Operator
    Planted Guides inherit the strand groups and channels of the source strand
    Selected control points are highlighted in a different color
    Option to allow user to turn off using tablet when brushing
    Edit Guides operator can be used on top of hair (as well as guides), paving the way to direct render hair manipulation
    Plant Guides tool uses Tools settings Window
    Improved behavior and new options for Comb, Drag, and Smooth brushes
    Improved behavior for Control Point editing
    Per-vertex channel support including painting and displaying the per-vertex channel values ​
    Guides from Mesh
    Evenly spaced roots distribution
    Root generation is multi-threaded providing a significant speed boost​
    Hair from Guides
    Evenly spaced roots distribution
    Root generation is multi-threaded providing a significant speed boost
    "Interpolate guides in object space" option
    Temporary hair isolation, allowing final hair preview in chunks
    Ability to control whether per-vertex and per-strand data is generated or not
    New ability to add root displacement inside the surface as well as outside​
    Animation Cache Operator
    Buttons to save and load .abc files​
    Ground Strands
    Uses "Attach/Detach" option instead of a single "Ground" button
    Curve to control how much original strand positions are offset towards the distribution mesh​
    Surface Comb Operator
    Minimum and maximum bend angle values
    Sink curves
    Vector map and color channel can be used as object-space directions​
    Baked Hair
    Allows referencing multiple external Alembic files, merging them as needed
    Hair width and texture coordinates are loaded from Alembic files
    Viewport previews a (controllable) sub-set of final render hairs​
    Mesh from Strands
    Polygons can be modified using Maya's mesh editing tools​
    Hair from Mesh
    Strips Selection modifiers keys (Shift and Ctrl)
    Ability to create strip id strand channel​
    Exporting Hair to Alembic
    Hair channel data and strand ids are exported to Alembic files​
    Rotating Strands
    Specify which point on a strand to use to define strand direction vector​
    Hair Shape
    Export N-dimensional strand channel data to various Redshift render attributes​
    Frizz can now be strand length dependent
    Option to add outlier per-strand channel​

    Support for picking manipulators with DirectX core profile
    Integrated Ornatrix with the 3D Paint Tool (Artisan) for painting various attributes
    Hair stack panel docking is persistent with Maya scenes​

    Brand new set of IHair interfaces
    Each guide and hair strand has a unique unchanging id propagated through the evaluation pipeline
    Strand groups storage is separate from strand channel​

    Removed Operators:
    Hair Clustering
    This operator is replaced by the new Clumping operator​
    Guide Clustering
    This operator is replaced by the new Clumping operator​
    Render Settings
    This operator is replaced by the new Change Width operator​

    And the obligatory hairy sphere:

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  2. TheAali

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    Dec 1, 2012
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    Hey gyz for God sake plz now upload ephere Lucid plugin for max too ?? its been awhile we really need it more rather than that :(
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    slobo26 Member

    Jul 26, 2014
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    I don't get it ....

    This forum is for sharing, not selling...


    if you don't want to share... don't announce and put threads pls....
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