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Ornatrix for Maya

Discussion in 'CGI News' started by roocoon, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    New version with lots of fixes in it for the hairdressers among you.

    Info: https://ephere.com/plugins/autodesk/maya/ornatrix/index.html


    New: Added a pop up window to SurfaceComb node to import multiple Curved Sinks
    New: Added an option to specify the up axis during Alembic export
    New: Added an option to turn off face component selection in Hair from Guides and Guides from Mesh nodes
    New: Added options to Curves from Strands operator to detach and copy individual output NURBS curves
    Fixed: MergeNode keeps disconnected strands
    Fixed: Mirror brush doesn't affect all brushed strands equally
    Fixed: Planted guides don't inherit the strand group of the selected guide
    Fixed: Image button controls in Attribute Editor can keep affecting attributes of previously selected nodes
    Fixed: Merge node crashes Maya when deleting an item
    Fixed: Crash when planting a new strand in EG without any previous strands present
    Fixed: Unpredictable behavior of planted guides
    Fixed: Messed up hair strands when loading more than one Alembic file into a single BakedHair node
    Fixed: Edit Guides minimized rollouts do not remain minimized
    Fixed: Propagator node randomness values don't randomize anything
    Fixed: Propagator randomization adds to values instead of multiplying them
    Fixed: Custom Point Count does not work when importing curves in Edit Guides
    Fixed: Distribution icons in Attribute Editor can be absent due to duplicate control names
    Fixed: Cannot use Edit Guides Attribute Editor interface when input strands are empty
    Fixed: Maya crashes on Mac when rotating the viewport camera
    Fixed: Alembic archives with multiple objects cannot be used to load hair animation
    Fixed: Detail node smoothing does not work in some cases

    And a render of a very bad-hair-day (looks more like a bird's nest to me :) )