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Ornatrix for 3ds Max (it supports VRay NEXT)

Discussion in 'CGI News' started by roocoon, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    This is a beta but being another one that works with VRay NEXT, I figured it was worth to mention.

    Details at: https://ephere.com/plugins/autodesk/max/ornatrix/

    The last two changelogs:

    New: Added ability to displace hair roots against surface normals with a map
    New: Added an option to Ox Hair From Guides to adopt per-strand and per-vertex channels from guides
    New: Added an option to Ox Frizz to export a per-strand channel containing values whether strands are outliers or not
    New: Standardized random generation across all operators
    Fixed: Hairs point in random directions when using Guide Proximity option in Ox Hair From Guides
    Fixed: Strand rotation tool in Edit Guides modifier changes strand shape
    Fixed: Out of range access in HFG/MeshFromHairGenerator from mesh without UV coordinates
    Fixed: Error (Vector out of range access) after Frizz amount curve change
    Fixed: Incorrect widths from Alembic imports with global width value
    Fixed: Alembic files where curves hair differing point counts are imported incorrectly
    New: Added "length dependent" option to frizz
    New: Newly created channels in Generate Strand Data modifier have unique names when value count is above 1 or if specified name already exists
    Fixed: Hair UVs are all located at same position when importing from .abc
    Fixed: Propogation modifier low/high range with uniform and random generation not working properly
    Fixed: Error when assigning control guides in Adopt External Guides modifier
    Fixed: Crash when loading some legacy scenes containing baked guides
    Fixed: MassFX Dynamics crashes on 3dsmax 2019
    Fixed: Restored scene units support for Curl modifier's deviation amount

    And their demo scene which was nice to get in a couple of minutes instead of my regular length times.

  2. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    A couple of updates later, brings it to

    Changelog Ornatrix v6.0.10.15994

    New: Finished Ox Clump modifier
    New: Braid object (to be used with Ox Clump modifier)
    New: Added shape blending curve to GroundStrandsModifier
    New: Added "Record Active Time Range" option to StrandAnimationModifier
    New: Options in Ox Strand Detail modifier to better control how strand smoothing is performed
    New: Time scale parameter of StrandAnimationModifier can go above 100%
    New: Ox Strand Multiplier modifier generates strand groups
    Fixed: Proxy mesh distorted when its local coordinates go into negative Z values
    Fixed: Popping of animated strands with high point count and stacked Frizz modifiers
    Fixed: When using EG to paint per-vertex color channels the colors do not update correctly after mouse is released
    Fixed: First per-vertex channel always named "Selection" in drop downs
    Fixed: Detail modifier smoothing is too slow
    Fixed: Duplicated strand IDs with multiple levels of propagation
    Fixed: "Ignore Backfacing Strands" doesn't work with Select brush in Surface mode
    Fixed: Select brush cannot be used in Surface mode
    Fixed: Crashes when modifying curve diagrams in various operators

    And the one before it:

    Ornatrix v6.0.9.15782
    New: Ox Clump modifier (WIP, initial implementation)
    Fixed: Using select brush on strands close to the surface can select back-facing strands
    Fixed: Changed default generation in GSD to New Channel
    Fixed: Multiplier modifier does not copy texture coordinates
    Fixed: Assertion when combing hair on some computers
    Fixed: Guides points are resampled when playing a baked simulation with Dynamics node and a non-0 starting segment
    Fixed: No logo image is displayed inside the settings dialog

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