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PBR Game 3D Models Bundle September 2022

Discussion in 'HQ 3D Models' started by VIPGFX, Sep 27, 2022.



    Jul 25, 2011
    Likes Received:

    MAX | OBJ | FBX | TEX


    1975 Motorhome
    40M Nimrod
    A Synthesizer
    A-10 Tankbuster
    Adult man in medical uniform with a folder 200
    Adventurers Helmet
    Air Jordan 4 Retro Cement
    Airport Jetway
    Alkan Eraltan
    Altyn helmet
    Anti-aircraft missile system C-300 Favorite
    Assassins Creed Syndicate Cane Sword
    Benford Road roller machine
    Blond woman with phone 0785
    Bobcat s450 Skid Steer Loader
    Boeing B-17 Super Fortress Bomber
    Breaking Bad RV
    Browning M2
    Burned wooden building for reconstruction
    Casual french guy
    Casual girl
    Casual guy standing
    Casual Woman Walking Linda Side Holding Partner
    Cat goddess
    City Girl with Bag
    Coke Vending Machine
    Concrete Mixer
    Construction Barricades
    Cute woman ready for animation 363
    Data Bot
    Destroyed building
    Diver guy
    Dunkleosteus Terrelli
    Durin the Deathless
    Electric Motorcycle by Studio 1799
    Elite Knight
    Fallout AER9 Laser Rifle
    Female Character Semi Sci-Fi
    Female Scan - Calypso 119
    Female Scan - Cathy Gothic
    Female Scan - Tiana in Blue Dress
    Ferrari F1
    Fire deamon helmet
    Fly Motocycles
    Ford Econoline Van
    Futuristic Sterling SMG
    Girl In Black And Ornage Swimsuit
    Girl in Flower Pants and Leather Jacket
    Girl in Jumpsuit-dress
    Girl Makes Up After Shower
    Glass bubble ship
    Grenade Elysium (Game Ready)
    Grom Biker Chick
    Guy with a camera sitting on a stool
    Half-Life 2 Remake. Explosive Oil Drum
    Harley Davidson IRON 883
    Helios Spaceship Concept (from Syd Mead)
    Horse Family
    Human Respiratory system review
    Ice Ninja Girl Walking
    Iron Execution
    Japanese abandoned garage scan
    Japanese Road Signs 28 road signs and more
    Jericho destroyer Archon
    Kyoto Style House Faramiyuki
    Lady walking animated with accessories
    LCAC Hovercraft
    Library of Celsus - Crowdsourced photogrammetry
    Low Poly City Block
    M24 Chaffee
    M51 Israel Super Sherman
    Machine Light
    Machinery device
    Male Biker Outfit
    Male race car driver 0268
    Male Scan - Ren 9
    Man in a winter jacket pilot
    Man in winter clothes 0118
    Medieval dungeon set
    Melanie Posed 007
    Military boot low poly
    Military Gas Mask
    Military Helmet with Night Vision Goggles
    Military helmet
    Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System
    Motorbike raw photogrammetry scan
    Mysterious Heroine XX
    Neglected Soviet Building
    Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk
    Old Brick 3-story Building
    Old Floor Seamless
    Oni girl
    Passenger carriage (train)
    Pinup pose mi1
    Porsche 356C (1966)
    Raincoat 8
    Rem700 .300 WINMAG
    Road Signs asset low-poly
    Roaring Thunder-3434 Sekiro Trick Weapon
    Rocket of Jinx
    Rooftop House
    Running Woman Sports Domi Skirt Tanktop
    Samurai Jacket
    Scifi Destroyer Firewing
    Scifi Rifle MAK223
    Scifi Siege Battleship Spirit
    Server pack
    Sewing machine Janome Juno 523
    Sheer Sweater Mini Skirt Female Business Outfit
    Sheona 10451
    Ship equipment
    Ships Buoy
    Shirtless man riding on a skateboard
    Simplified RF- Generator
    Snipers helmet
    Soviet tank T26
    Space Fighter
    Sporty woman ready for animation 118
    Star Conflict
    Star Wars Millenium Falcon Lando
    Star Wars Robot
    Star-Lord Gun Fanart
    Steampunk Tri-Shot Assault Rifle
    Stones Pack Vol2
    Streamside AR8
    Stylized Car Mechanic Character
    Stylized cartoon Tiger Tank
    Stylized Woman Character
    Su-43 Berkut II (UPEO)
    Swift Patrol Boat
    Syd Mead Vehicle, Mass Effect Style
    Tape measure
    The General Atomics MQ-1 UAF SEAGULL
    The Mandalorian
    Three japanese business facade scan
    Tijeras para corta ramas
    Toyota Hilux 1983
    Toyota Pickup Hillux 1983
    Tractor Excavator Model 01 (Military version)
    Urnenstatue IRMA
    Vending Machine
    Very old Camera bag
    Vessel for liquids – chomo vacu
    Vintage Top Jeans Studs
    War Spider Robot
    Welding Machine (Mercle OptiMIG 450)
    Woman exercising with fitness rubber band
    Woman in red dress scanned
    Wraith Complete
    WW2 Grease Gun

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