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Photo Mechanic 6.0

Discussion in '2D' started by angelofmercy, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. angelofmercy

    angelofmercy Well-Known Member

    Jun 7, 2017
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    Just updating it for those who like it, or wanna try it out...

    What's New in Photo Mechanic® 6

    We’ve listened to you, our loyal users, and refined and improved Photo Mechanic® to make it even better and to help you work faster, up to three times faster, in fact! The result is Photo Mechanic 6. Read on to see some of the new features:

    New in Photo Mechanic 6
    • [​IMG]
      Photo Mechanic is now a 64-bit application, which allows more and better caching of images to keep you working at your fastest

    • [​IMG]
      Faster Viewing
      Image caching improvements increases thumbnail / preview generation speed by approximately 2-3x

    • [​IMG]
      Ingest from Selection
      Copy only the images you need from your memory card to your hard drive

    • [​IMG]
      Streamlined UI
      We’ve taken your feedback and improved the interface to make it more efficient, less distracting, and easier to use

    • [​IMG]
      Better Fullscreen
      Fullscreen support on macOS and Windows for both the Contact Sheet and Preview windows (including both at same time on different monitors)

    • [​IMG]
      Reverse Geocoding
      If your photos are geotagged, Photo Mechanic will use those GPS coordinates to insert the city, state, and country names into your metadata

    • [​IMG]
      Better Crop tool
      A new grid helps you crop to your best composition, then press ‘p’ to preview a crop quickly.

    • [​IMG]
      Better Slide Shows
      Now with multiple transitions including crossfade and add Tag, Color Class or Star Ratings during a Slide Show

    • [​IMG]
      Upload to Facebook
      Facebook is now an option in the Uploader (Pro tip: Use the Watermarking feature in Photo Mechanic when sharing to social)

    Download (inc's crack): http://www.mediafire.com/file/l5ak4z8773a8ar7/Photo_Mechanic_6.0_%28build_2725%29.7z/file

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