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QuarkXpress & QuarkCopyDesk 2021

Discussion in '2D' started by brainsgonedead2000, Oct 16, 2021.

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    May 22, 2019
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    Note that these are just the cracks to the latest versions, links are included. However if they fail then you'll have to register to download like I had t.

    Install CopyDesk as a trial.


    New Features in
    QuarkXPress 2021

    Ease of use and efficiency leads to greater productivity and therefore unencumbered creativity. In-house, agency and independent designers alike will benefit from QuarkXPress 2021’s new features.

    Enhanced Layers Control
    Select and organize objects in multiple layers within a document. Move objects backward or forward with drag-and-drop and perform key operations, such as lock/unlock, hide/unhide and multi-select, with greater ease.

    New Projects from PDFs
    Start a new project with any PDF, regardless of the source software. Make edits to specific pages, merge pages from other PDFs, and organize or delete pages at will and then export them as a new PDF. Add interactive elements, such as videos, slideshows and animations, for export as HTML.

    SVG Import
    Import logos, icons and other SVG files into layouts like any other image format. Edit them as desired and then export your document to an array of print and digital formats, including HTML5.
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