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RailClone Pro 3.2.0 for 3ds Max

Discussion in 'CGI News' started by roocoon, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. roocoon

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    Dec 11, 2010
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    And here's Railclone's Max 2019 release with VRay NEXT support and a huge number of goodies.

    For the full changelog check its site ( https://docs.itoosoft.com/railclone/release-notes )
    A partial changelog with just the new stuff, below:

    New Features and Improvements:

    Added support for V-Ray Next
    Added Support for 3ds Max 2019
    Added Support for Arnold 5.1 and above
    Includes RailClone Colour support
    Updated library with Arnold materials
    Added Supermarket products to the free library. Include 10 new presets, each with multiple product variations.
    Bevels now can be used with Count mode
    Bevels now can be used with Adaptive mode.
    "Bevel Mode" and "Bevel Offset" have no effect. In all cases is used the same type of bevel with offset 0.
    Added "Sync between Generators" to "Random" node. It lets to generate same random values for all Generators.
    Added UVW XForm->"Rotate about Center".
    It has no effect with Segment's mapping.
    To make it work identically to the UVW XForm Max modifier, now Scale is applied after Rotation (previously Scale was applied before Rotation).
    Added improvements to Update Manager.
    Update manager can be configured to check if a library has already been downloaded to a network locations. This can save multi-user offices from having to download the same content multiple times.
    iToo Toolbars (both Forest and RailClone) can be disabled adding the following registry key:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Itoo Software\DisableToolbars = 1 (DWORD)
    Modifiers in RailClone objects are used on nested objects.
    Only if Segment->Nest is not enabled in the outer object. This mode is not compatible with modifiers.
    Added "SubSplineCounter" to expressions.
    Index of sub-spline when using compound X splines. Valid both for array and linear generators. Starts in 0.
    Several array inputs have been renamed, to more understable names according its operation.
    Left Side -> Start, Right Side -> End, Top Side -> Top, Bottom Side -> Bottom, Inner Corner -> X Corner, LT Corner -> Start Top, RT Corner -> End Top, LB Corner -> Start Bottom, RB Corner -> End Bottom
    For "Style->Free Object" the full spline's transformation is ignored (Position/Rotate/Scale), not only Position as before.
    This fixes a problem with XRef scenes binded to a rotated object.
    Existing scenes may be affected if were using the Rotation or Scale of the spline. This can be fixed re-aligning the RC object with the spline (ie. using Alt+A) for rotation, and applying a Reset XForm to the spline, for scale.
    Added warning when using Point-cloud mode with nested RC objects.

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