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REDSHIFT & OCTANE C4D informations

Discussion in 'Applications : Requests' started by Unikd, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. Unikd

    Unikd New Member

    Dec 5, 2012
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    Hello All,
    i'm really looking foward to find a decent cracked version of these 2 since quite a long time now cause i really want to learn them.
    Difficult to buy them while i'm not going to make some money out of them.
    Using the demo version is kind of boring cause we can't export some of our personnal work and be able to show what we can do with it. The learning process can be long too.

    These renderers used to have some cracks. I wish i would have learn them back in the days when they had some.
    What happen exactly ? Is it due to the monthly suscribtion of Octane ? Redshift and Octane are connected to some sort of company server licensing that would be impossible to crack ?

    Thx for considering

    Best regards.
    Much respect to the people who are able to deliver cracks and let us be able to learn those softwares and finally buy them when we can properly work with it.