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Render Farm DEADLINE V5.0 Linux 64bit

Discussion in 'Linux - CGI Applications & Plugins' started by rifaulmen, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. rifaulmen

    rifaulmen Member
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    Sep 11, 2012
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    Deadline Render Farm Management System.

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    You need to login or register to view this content.
    Supported Rendering Packages:

    3ds Max (Autodesk)
    Brazil (Splutterfish)
    finalRender (Cebas Visual Tech.)
    finalToon (Cebas Visual Tech.)
    Maxwell (Next Limit)
    Mental Ray (Mental Images)
    RenderPipe (ARTVPS)
    VRay (Chaos Group)
    3ds Viz (Autodesk)
    After Effects (Adobe)
    Blender (Blender Foundation)
    Cinema 4D (Maxon)
    Cleaner XL (Autodesk)
    Combustion (Autodesk)
    Frame Fixer (Technolumiere Ltd)
    fryrender (RandomControl)
    Fusion (Eyeon)
    Gelato (NVIDIA)
    Generation (Eyeon)
    Houdini (Side Effects)
    Indigo (Nicholas Chapman)
    Lightwave (Newtek)
    FPrime (Worley Labs.)
    LuxRender (LuxRender)
    Mantra Standalone (Side Effects)
    Maxwell (Next Limit)
    Maya (Autodesk)
    3Delight (dna research)
    finalRender (Cebas Visual Tech)
    Gelato (NVIDIA)
    Maxwell (Next Limit)
    Mental Ray (Mental Images)
    Renderman (Pixar)
    Turtle (Illuminate Labs)
    VRay (Chaos Group)
    Mental Ray Standalone (Mental Images)
    MetaFuze (Avid)
    MetaRender (IRIDAS)
    Modo (Luxology)
    Nuke (The Foundry)
    Particle Illusion (Wondertouch)
    Quicktime (Apple)
    RealFlow (Next Limit)
    REDAlert (RED)
    Renderman (Pixar RIB)
    3Delight (dna research)
    Air (Sitex Graphics)
    Aqsis (Paul Gregory)
    BMRT (Lary Gritz)
    Entropy (NVIDIA)
    Photorealistic Renderman (Pixar)
    Pixie Renderer (Okan Arikan)
    RenderDotC (Dot C Software)
    RenderPipe (ARTVPS)
    Rendition (Holomatix)
    Rhino (McNeel)
    Sequence Publisher (IRIDAS)
    Shake (Apple)
    Softimage/XSI (Autodesk)
    Terragen (Planetside Softare)
    Toxik (Autodesk)
    VNS and WCS (3D Nature)
    VRay Standalone (Chaos Group)
    Vue (e-on software)
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