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Skillshare - Lightroom Classic CC: Total Beginner Walkthrough

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    Jul 25, 2011
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    In this photo editing class I’ll show you around Lightroom Classic CC, version 7.5

    This class will take you through common processes and demonstrate importing, culling, editing, presets, and exporting.

    **Included is 2 Lightroom Presets I made in the course. They are attached as a .zip file in the project section to the right of the project description**

    I’ve packed this 2-hour guide with organizational tips, my exact workflow and settings, as well as a few editing sequences. To help you make the most of it, I’ve created a course syllabus below for your reference.

    Introduction: About this class

    Catalogs Explained:
    1:11 – What a catalog stores and why you want more than 1 catalog
    3:17 – What Lightroom creates and a visual explanation about Non-Destructive Editing
    4:50 – Backups
    6:45 – My Catalogs, naming, and storing
    9:32 – My backups, deleting old ones to free space
    10:25 – Creating a new catalog and adding your main hard drive folders
    12:45 – Moving files off your computer and into long-term storage
    13:36 – Prepping a session for storage
    15:15 – Disconnected drives, missing files, finding files
    17:05 – Dates and organization and how it helps me with my taxes and mileage

    Importing and Library View:
    0:46 – How to import
    1:37 – Import settings
    3:57 – Location of your previously imported photos within the Library
    4:42 – The Navigator, grid view, thumbnail size, and Survey Mode
    6:11 – Catalog Drawer including Quick Collection
    7:56 – Building custom collections for organizing photos
    9:23 – Metadata Drawer

    Culling, Starring, and Color Labels:
    0:03 – What’s culling? How do you decide?
    6:19 – How to cull in Lightroom and my process
    10:40 – Filtering first pass of 1 star images
    11:34 – Color labels
    12:43 – Adding Keyword tags for easy searching

    Develop Sliders:
    0:34 – Develop Module: Histogram
    1:51 – Slider Drawers
    3:02 – Begin edit with light and contrast edits in Basic and Tone Curve drawers
    6:12 – White Balance
    10:08 – HSL/Color and Split Toning
    14:34 – Detail, Noise Reduction, and Sharpen Masking
    16:23 – Lens Corrections, Distortion, and Transform menu
    18:04 – Vignetting and Grain
    19:43 – Edit wrapup and a Dark and Moody tutorial

    Cloning, Filters, Cropping, and Brushing:
    0:38 – Basic edits before cloning and brushing
    1:25 – Cropping
    3:00 – Cloning Spot Tool for blemish removal
    5:20 – Red Eye Tool
    5:44 – Graduated Filter
    8:34 – Radial Filter
    9:43 – Adjustment brush
    14:17 – Using spot tools on Chocolate/product photography

    Lightroom Presets: Import, Create, Share:
    0:05 – My personal feelings on Lightroom Presets
    1:34 – Finding the Presets Menu and Lightroom’s pre-loaded presets
    2:27 – Online Lightroom Presets for purchase and download to get you started
    4:28 – Downloading free presets from Greater Than Gatsby
    5:21 – Getting downloaded presets into Lightroom
    6:42 – How to create your own Lightroom Presets
    13:19 – Making a Black and White Preset
    15:00 – Sharing your presets with your friends
    15:55 – Where to find the presets I made for you! (in the project section on the right!)

    Export Settings:
    0:38 – How to export
    1:07 – Instagram Export Settings
    4:25 – Getting photos to my phone for easy sharing on Instagram
    4:40 – Full Resolution photo export settings
    5:57 – Creating Export presets
    8:05 – Export and Open in Adobe Photoshop for further editing

    Miscellaneous Tips:
    0:20 – Changing the Background color of Lightroom
    0:55 – Copying edits, or better, SYNCHRONIZING a session
    1:32 – Keyboard Shortcuts
    3:25 – Changing your view options for library and develop tabs
    4:38 – Map, Book, Slideshow, Print, and Web tabs (and why I don’t use them)
    5:25 – Creating a contact sheet
    6:15 – Clone tool: Heal vs. Clone and feather slider
    7:12 – Navigator zoom options
    8:17 – Detail window and how to use it to check your sharpening
    8:58 – Rotating a photo
    9:34 – Keyboard keys for adding stars and colors

    Final Thoughts and Project:
    Wrap up, share your project, etc! Thanks for reading, hope this was helpful!

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