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The Gnomon Workshop - Elephant Anatomy Vol. 1: Drawing Skeletons & Musculature

Discussion in 'Others Tutorials' started by VIPGFX, Nov 24, 2022.



    Jul 25, 2011
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    Elephant Anatomy Vol. 1: Drawing Skeletons & Musculature
    Animal Anatomy for Creature Design With Terryl Whitlatch

    This comprehensive workshop series by industry veteran Terryl Whitlatch focuses on the anatomy and paleontology of real elephants and their prehistoric relatives. Terryl’s in-depth teachings provide the firm foundation necessary for designing elephant-inspired imaginary creatures with ease, authority, and believability. Professional concept artists and students of creature design will gain the essential and practical knowledge necessary to depict animals with a high degree of plausibility and versatility and to apply these principles to create designs suitable for the Entertainment Industry and Scientific Community.

    Volume 1 focuses on the Asian and African elephants and their prehistoric relatives. Skeletal, musculature, and shorthand versions of complex anatomy are demonstrated, and Terryl narrates with an in-depth discussion of the natural history and evolutionary processes that have shaped the various species of the elephant family. Her authentic knowledge reveals how the history and evolution of real-world animals have helped influence the design of similar creatures in the realm of Fantasy and Science-Fiction. Terryl covers both realistic and stylistically exaggerated approaches as they apply to animation, games, and film..

    Upon completion of this two-volume workshop series, students will gain a solid understanding of the skeletal and muscular anatomies of elephants and their relatives; knowledge of the elephant family and its place in the world across time; and from this foundation, will be able to design creatures inspired by elephants for a wide variety of entertainment-oriented projects — regardless of style or aesthetic..

    Volume 2 focuses on Prehistoric species of elephants, including the Mammoth and Mastodon. The second portion of Volume 2 dives into the design of imaginary, elephant-inspired species. Terryl’s designs include the Oliphant, Behemoth, Exaggerated and Stylized designs, and a final bonus chapter looks at the skelton and musculature of a Manatee.


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