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The Gut Summit | Microbiome Health & Science Series

Discussion in 'Others Tutorials' started by Srbin, Nov 24, 2022 at 6:41 PM.

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    Apr 4, 2017
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    The Gut Summit | Microbiome Health & Science Series
    Last updated 3/2019
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 19.16 GB | Duration: 14h 1m

    A complete dive into the world of gut health & the microbiome with the world's best experts.

    What you'll learn
    The role of the microbiome in our health
    Practical ways to engage a healthy microbiome
    Comprehensive, easy to understand lectures from the world's best practitioners on gut health


    Do you feel overwhelmed with the whole 'gut health' thing at the moment? We do, too. Sometimes, you don't know who to listen to, which magazine or blog to trust & finally which foods to eat to look after yourself! It can be a nightmare.The Gut Summit Online Series promises to clear away the confusion.With an emphasis on comprehensive, entertaining & actionableinformation, The Gut Summit brings Australia's greatest gut health experts to the screen for a one-time only event to give you the real deal on every day gut health.
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Your host, Kale Brock, shares what to expect from this course.
    Section 2: Expert Lectures
    Lecture 2 Kale Brock | Healing & Sealing The Gut Lining
    Lecture 3 Dr. Damian Kristof | The Gut From Birth
    Lecture 4 Helen Padarin, ND | Gut Health From Toddlers To Teens
    Lecture 5 Dr. Andrea Huddleston | The Gut Hormone Connection
    Lecture 6 John Ellerman, bSc | Groundbreaking Probiotic Research
    Lecture 7 Scott Gooding | Reality In Food
    Lecture 8 Olivia Kaplan | Mood Food
    Lecture 9 Louise Macartney | Longevity & Gut Health
    Lecture 10 Dr. Peter Dingle | Gut Ecology
    Lecture 11 Dr. Damian Kristof | Gut Health Hacks, Hints & Tips
    Lecture 12 Kale Brock | The Childhood Health Crisis
    Section 3: Interviews
    Lecture 13 Dr. Laura Lum | Depression & Gut Health; An Integrated Approach
    Lecture 14 Dr. Pia Winberg: Seaweed, The Gut Health Superfood
    Lecture 15 Practitioner Roundtable Q&A | Gut Health
    Lecture 16 Donal Carr | Digestive Exercise Stimulation
    Lecture 17 Amanda Ledwith | Testing Your Microbiome; How & Why
    Lecture 18 Danielle Elliott | SIBO & IBS
    Lecture 19 Kasey Willson, ND | Pregnancy Nutrition & Gut Health
    Lecture 20 Dr. Damian Kristof | The Allergy Solution
    Lecture 21 Dr. Peter Dingle | Gut Health Hints, Hacks & Tips
    Section 4: Recipe Tutorials
    Lecture 22 Kale Brock | The Best Green Smoothie In The World
    Lecture 23 Anthony Milotic | The Whole Chook
    Section 5: Q&A's
    Lecture 24 John Ellerman | Probiotics In Application
    Lecture 25 Dr. Andrea Huddleston | Period Pain, Hormonal Challenges & More.
    Lecture 26 Danielle Elliott | SIBO, IBS Treatments & More
    Lecture 27 Kasey Willson, ND | Fertility & More
    Section 6: What Next?
    Lecture 28 Your host, Kale Brock, wraps up the series with further resources & guidance!
    Those looking to take back control of their health & take their knowledge of the gut & microbiome to the next step.

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