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Trading/Exchanging CGMA Courses - GRAND RE-OPENING!

Discussion in 'The CG Shop' started by zackary, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. zackary

    zackary Member

    Sep 3, 2019
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    Why, hello there! Thank you all for waiting!

    Long time, no see guys!

    I am Monokuma! I'm the headmaster of this academy (particular trade-thread).

    Ahem, now that I have made my dashing appearance, the first thing I need to say is...

    This is so friggin lame! Lame, I say! Lamer than the lamest lamesauce! Oh, wait. Lamesauce!? Is that tasty?
    I mean.. Hep hem! Now then...

    I can't believe I had to shut down my trade thread for some time. Real life got too chaotic. But now, I have a small opening where I can breathe again. So now, I officially re-open my trade-thread!

    I unfortunately have no real-way of listing everything at this current moment but, the annoucnment has been made.


    What do I have, I have lots. CGMA, Rebelway, GAI, Mold3d, and lots more. Due to the nature of everything being unorganized though at the moment, I simply can't post things I have as an exact list, because the list is pretty long.

    I may or may not be making a second post in the future going into detail of things I have or etc but for now I am making the announcement my trade-thread is re-opened :).

    As always, PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME. I do not respond to trade suggestions here. I reply ONLY in private messages.

    Also to note I do not accept money under any circumstances. Trades only!
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