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Turbosquid - Cow PRO ( Holstein ) 3D model by MotionCow

Discussion in 'HQ 3D Models' started by VIPGFX, Sep 14, 2021.



    Jul 25, 2011
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    Cow Holstein Pro
    Premium Model complete with 5 Loopable Animations.

    Walk Cycle
    Frames: 10-48

    Trot Cycle
    Frames: 52-72

    Charge Cycle
    Frames: 76-95

    Graze Cycle
    Frames: 98-275

    Rest Cycle
    Frames: 298-707

    Detailed Features:

    1. Five loopable animations - Walk, Trot, Charge, Graze & Rest. Total of 707 frames.
    2. Rigged with user friendly Controls to create all kinds of actions.
    3. Optimized & clean model topology that can be further subdivided for high detail rendering.*
    4. Model contains polygons not more than 4 sides.
    5. High resolution UV unwrapped Texture & Specular map of 4096 x 4096.
    6. Texture markings on both sides of the cow is different.
    7. Rig also controls eyes, mouth & tongue movements.
    8. Inner mouth - Teeths, gums & tongue are also modeled.
    9. Real world scale.

    *The original model is smoothened using Subdivision which renders exactly like the preview images, yet preserving the original low mesh density. (Preview images were rendered using subdivision level 1 )

    The user only need to crank up the subdivision to get a high poly & detail mesh for rendering, OR crank down the subdivision for a low poly mesh while animating.

    Unit of measurement: cm

    No special plugins needed.
    Just load and animate!

    All formats are tested in their respective 3D applications, re-worked if necessary to ensure compatibility.

    MotionCow is the publisher of high quality photorealistic 3D Models & we proudly stand behind all our products.
    Pls do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with our models.

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