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Udemy - Maya LT for Games: Create Stylized Low-Poly vehicle

Discussion in 'Maya Tutor' started by VIPGFX, Sep 24, 2021.



    Jul 25, 2011
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    Start from zero knowledge, learn specific games-oriented Modeling technique, professional UV layout and Texturing.

    What you'll learn

    Autodesk Maya will become your best friend instead of unfamiliar creature
    Tools and Commands for effective build process of game-ready models
    Optimal knowledge and tactical methods regarding low-poly geometry
    Know to divide: Modeling and UV layout in Maya / Texturing workflow in Substance Painter
    Create model LODs (Level of Details) – manually vs automatic


    Autodesk Maya installed on your computer (LT version is totally fine)
    Substance Painter is our friend also, please install it too
    Photoshop on basic level will help a lot, but not a must
    Nice to have two monitors for flexible work
    No previous knowledge needed, we are starting from scratch
    Leave your fear behind, my response to comments up to 48 hours


    My course is oriented to future Games Creators. Explore the shortest and the optimal way to understand game-ready assets preparation pipeline. In this course, I will teach you Maya basics during actual game-ready vehicle modeling process. Next, we have to texture it in Substance Painter and export for games purposes. Let’s roll!

    Step by step:

    * Understanding Maya interface and tools

    * Discover polygonal modeling, elements and manipulation options

    * Creating a new Shelf with our must-have commands list

    * Learn how to find a reference. Blueprints vs 3d models drafts

    * Practice on a vehicle creation, interior and articulated parts

    * Done with a model? Create error-free UV layout for texturing

    * Substance Painter – fast, nice and easy. Let’s texture!

    * Back to Maya – time to create LOD’s (Level of Details)

    * We are done! Export to Game Engine, enjoy our job!

    What do you have when you enroll?

    * Original, step-by-step 45 hours tutorial

    * Progress files after each lesson

    * My availability in comments - feedback and problems solving

    Why should you learn from me?

    I'm an indie games developer with some official experience in CG industry. My knowledge is coming from self-study. May be you are on the same place right now when I actually was about ten years ago. You can see my works. Can you do better? Of course you can, but you have to start from something. Let me give you the basics, so later I can be proud from my students.

    Nobody can promise you "a ticket" or a work in CG industry shortly after taking any course. But I can promise you that by the end of my course you will be able to work on your own ideas. Without stress and questions regarding tools and methods. You have to practice, polish your new skills, so you can find better or faster solutions to reach impressive results.
    Who this course is for:

    Everyone, who have a passion to study and create new things
    The best fit is for future games creators

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