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Udemy - Substance Painter Beginner's Guide to Game Texturing

Discussion in 'Others Tutorials' started by VIPGFX, Nov 24, 2022 at 5:38 AM.



    Jul 25, 2011
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    Beginners complete guide to substance painter. Learn from professionals how to 3D texture game environments in hours

    What you'll learn

    • Following through a complete guide on texturing a stylized Wild West aka Western-styled saloon and creating a living scene around it
    • Using Substance Painter and understanding its interface and shortcuts
    • Upscaling the details on low-poly 3D props to give them the look of high-topology AAA game assets
    • Learning how to sculpt and alter normal maps on the fly in Substance Painter
    • Automating the UV Mapping Process through a full material projection guide
    • Making materials from scratch using any downloadable image
    • Learning how to use transparent shaders to create water and glass see-through materials
    • Mastering material creation through SMART materials using SMART mask generators such as curvature, ambient occlusion, light, and position generators in Substa
    • Creating mask generators for wood edge wear that complements Wild West aesthetics
    • Finding out how to add height map detail without the need for masking
    • Building massive texture libraries using smart materials we created
    • Bypassing years of training and getting the look and feel of hand-painted 3D models in a few hours
    • Revealing the secrets of getting perfect baked maps all the time
    • Understanding, creating, and using alphas, decals, and layer stamping to propel your Substance Painter texturing skills
    • Creating organic sculpting layers to achieve a more organic-looking shape in a non-destructive manner
    • Maintaining and optimising stylized art aesthetics reminiscent of the Wild West or Western style
    • Rendering professional portfolio renders within Substance Painter itself


    • To own a computer (Microsoft, Linux, or Mac)
    • A graphic tablet is highly recommended but not required
    • To have downloaded Substance Painter (available for free for anyone who identifies as a student)
    • A thirst to learn and excitement about 3D modelling and texturing for video games
    • To download all course resources including a Blender File Mesh Example, an FBX Bad Mesh Example File, an FBX High Poly Mesh of Cactus and Rocks, an FBX of Desert Environment, 6 unique alpha stamps, 1 PBR texture sign stamp, and 5 PBR seamless materials.
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